Monday, 5 September 2011

Could This Be Love?

A friend needs a second person's view on what she termed a dilemma and for that matter needs help urgently.

She said “Priscy!! Could this kind of feeling be love? Where there is a guy you have been friends with for a while but realize you guys have become closer than before and for that matter tend to spend the least time together just enjoying each others company and loving every bit of it and yet not getting enough of each other?..……

The jokes, the laughter, sharing of ideas and the cuddles (face lightens up at this point) I then said "well seems you guys have gone far then", she cut in sharply and said “No! we haven't been personal if that is what you thinking. Her next question then was......“do you think this kind of feeling could be love, infatuation or even lust?"

Funny thing is she wanted an answer from me there and then, not knowing the kind of feeling she might be experiencing really and the kind of advice she wanted me to give her, I asked to be given sometime to think about the issue in order to give a good answer.

So! here I am my readers, help a sister out to give a good counsel, what kind of a feeling could it be? And how do you really know or differentiate infatuation with love? Could she take her chances to see how far they could go?

For her to have asked for my advice means something to me, so please help me out here. Thank you    
Peace.... I'm out


  1. She should cool down and not get ahead of herself. The feelings are still growing. The guy might see her as 'just friends' or not. She should keep being herself to him and wait to see if he mentions anything

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  2. Thanks @ilola thanks for your advice to the post I also think that is the best way to go about it. have been reading your blog for a while now and am loving it. Am now your follower lol, thanks for dropping by do visit again soon. cheers.