Monday, 12 November 2012

When Life Happens...

Hello good people of blogville,

The weekend was too short for me 'cause I didn't have enough rest. Had to do lots of rounds that I had procrastinated for a while now, and I am glad I managed to get them out of the way... For this, I feel really good. 

The Melcom Storey Building before & After
Yesterday, I drove past the Melcom storey building that collapsed and I just couldn't help but shed tears. The sight even 5days after the unfortunate event is still pitiful... There are still rescuers and the Israeli team (which came to help) working  tirelessly to get the rest of the people still trapped in there out. This got me so sad and has inspired this post...

You wake up in the morning with the excitement of having a job to go to; you tell friends and family "see you later in the day", only to go and never return. What a sad way to end a promising life.

This incident got me thinking... Is all the struggling to acquire this and that worth it after all? What is the backbiting and cheating for? What is the fight for power and supremacy for? My heart is so heavy because I have seen that, for real, all this is vanity upon vanity. The worries of this life are really not worth dying for.

Our lives are surely like a flower. It blossoms in the morning and dries up by evening. I pray we all retrace our steps back to God. I pray we seek him first, I also pray we re-dedicate our lives to Him, because He alone is our source of safe escape.

The Bible says that "the name of the Lord is a strong tower (a refuge and a place of complete safety); the righteous run into it and is safe. I pray we will all forever be protected by God, now and always, Amen! 

Safety will remain of the Lord.

Peace... I'm out! (can see Toin smiling)


  1. Life is vanity upon vanity. All these struggles for what now? When we are gone, the only thing people remember about us is how we lived our lives on earth.

    Many great people have treaded this planet. Scientists, great rulers, Mighty men and women. One thing common to all is Death. We will all leave someday. When that time comes,may God deliver us from this type of painful death. May they Rest in Peace. My heart goes out to their families and loved ones. Lord have mercy o.

  2. Priscy,
    just to look at those two pictures is so sad. Thank God for the help and rescue from people afterwards, and I join both you and Eya in your prayers for all people and the families who have lost their loved ones. Yes, whatever comes in life it is always to remember that we must try to be content with little or much, whatever situation we find ourselves in, and always to live out our lives free from striving to compete.

  3. The thought of how all those people died is too painful for words. Only God can console the bereaved.Too sad.

    You are right-the worries of this life are truly not worth dying for. All the unnecessary competition with others, totally uncalled for. We should all strive to find out just why God created us, and live to fulfill our purpose on earth with the help of He who made us. Every other thing, is chasing after the wind.

  4. I believe life is too short not to make the best of every minute, knowing we will give account of our sojourn on earth.

    It's so sad that people are still trapped in that wreckage. God keep us all and comfort the families of the bereaved. Amen

  5. oh mY!! The thing that comes to my mind is that it could have been me, it could have been my loved one! Life is so short that's why we need to make sure that we reach our world for Christ and that more people give thier lives to the Lord!!

    Let this be a lesson to all of us to love those we claim to love with our actions.

    I don't wanna be the type to say coulda shoulda woulda

  6. I think i'm at the same point that you're in. I also read Sting post about transplants and stuff. Life is too short. Don't waste it being unhappy. Find who/what makes you happy and stay connected

  7. May we never run short of God's grace.The fact that death doesn't pre-inform of it's coming is a reason we should always live right.

  8. @A-9ja-Great, truely we are just pilgrims here on earth. I was there 2 days later when the Israelis arrived. So pathetic.

  9. True...

    Life is so fragile we must apply wisdom in how we spend it...and the fear of God is the begining of wisdom!

  10. True talk..

    Vanity upon vanity is all vanity..... shikena..


  11. Life is indeed too short to live it recklessly. Death does not pre-inform its victims so,we all must be prepared at all times by living right and always ask for grace. May their souls rest in peace.

  12. Live for purpose
    Live the divine for the divine purpose that God has created you for.

  13. Let's just try to do our best while we are here. We never know when the end will come knocking.

  14. Hmm... In the end of the end of the end all is vanity