Monday, 19 December 2011

Hei! Hei!! Hei!!!

Hello you all,

I am back! am glad to be back and thank you all once again for the kind wishes you sent me during my exams. At least I have done my part, I leave the rest to God.

Like I said earlier, I've got so many things to tell you. but for now, let me begin with this one and this is because we are in the Christmas season and probably, a lot of you will be traveling for holidays and what have you. If you plan visiting Ghana, then there is only one place I recommend for you to stay and that place is "Ausbuild Courts".

Trust me on this one people, you will love the place and enjoy your stay as well. Ausbuild courts is situated at East Legon one of the "IT!" places in GH, just like the Victoria Island's, and all the classy places you can think about.

For the soon to be married couples, if you thinking of a place to spend your honeymoon, then there is a package for you too, please see the pictures and know what am talking about. Ausbuild experience will leave memories as wonderful as your wedding day (lol) in your minds.

And if all you want to do is just rest, Ausbuild holds one of the most serene environments that you can imagine; because that is what it was built for.

Believe me! If you make a plan with Ausbuild courts in mind, then you are about to enjoy one of the best fun seasons of your life! Quote me!! I said so!!!

Are you still looking? what is going through your mind right now,....and hope you are getting ideas. lol

For reservations, please call +233(0) 302- 501590/1

Peace... I'm Out!


  1. Why you run adverts now?!

  2. HMMMM.....this people must pay you for this oh but seriously,the place looks romantic

  3. @ kojo yes I do. You have something to advertise?! just let me know for a fee. smh

    @gretel not only romantic but also all the other good things you can think about; accessibility and what have you. yes o! am being paid. good to have you back.

  4. I hope you blasted the exams. I wish you all the best o

  5. @ilola thank you dear, I did my best o!

  6. Hmnnnn, looks nice. Noted as a future vacation spot

    Nice blog

  7. @Beulah, thanks for passing through, and yes! please think about it. just drop me a mail when you are ready.

  8. wish yu sucess o
    nice advert btw

  9. @Luciano, thanks dear.

    @DIDI, thanks I appreciate.

    @A-9ja-Great, how i go do now? lol thanks and seasonal greetings to you all.