Thursday, 8 December 2011

Just a Quick One to Assure You... I'm Still Here!!!

Hello my lovely fam,

I have to once again (through this medium) apologise sincerely for MIA. I will be done with my exams by the 13th of this month and then I will be back in full swing!!! I have got so many things to tell you, some very good, others not so good, an example of the not so very good news is the masquerader story. Yes! I got a part two of "that one" coming up soon.

But for now, I got this one for all of you. Forgetting friends like you is a crime; ignoring you is a shame; liking you is a pleasure; and thinking about you is a necessity. That is why I say that, since 24hours make a lovely day and 7 days make a lovely week, being on blogville and knowing people like you all has made my stay here very lovely and colourful.
Thank you all for the good wishes and kind thoughts you extended to me for my exams and for being there for me always. God bless you! and to my new followers, I take a bow and say a big thank you. I pray you enjoy every bit of your stay in mon ville. lol

How is the Xmas preparations going? Any parties? I beg make I know o! so I go start dey prepare my stomach. smh.

Love you all! Mwah!!!

Peace... I'm out!


  1. wish you all the best in ur exams........will be patiently waiting for you to come back.
    plenty party dey for xmas o, prepare ur belle well

  2. Gods' grace in your exams dear.

  3. All the best in your studies, Priscy and see your stories after.

  4. All the best in ur exams and come back soon

  5. Best of luck with your exams Godbless

  6. thanks to you all, God bless