Monday, 25 July 2011

How Are You Going To Be Remembered?

Hello everyone,

I had a good weekend and I suppose you all had one too, anyway, I want to share a little "something" with you today. Please read and answer as many of the questions as you can.

A wise man once said, "when a baby is born, everyone around is happy but the baby cries".

So, I am thinking it should be the other way round whereby when we die, everyone around cries but we should be smiling and happy being in the bosom of Jehovah.

I am inspired to write this post based on my bible study this morning.

After all has been said and done, how are we going to be remembered on earth? How will our work on earth be measured? Are we going to be remembered with a good or a bad tag?

Our life here on earth is a short one and should be lived in a way that when we are gone, our legacies and foot prints can be followed. I beseech everyone to be conscious about the things we say and do on earth because whether good or bad, God will bring all to judgement.

To live a just and principled life is not easy, but by grace, prayer and supplications, we will get there somehow.

Finally, let us remember that this world is not our home, we have a permanent home which has been prepared for us by our Lord Jesus Christ. So, let us always live our lives in preparation for our biggest day with our God, among the angels. What a great feast that will be.

love you all****

peace! I am out.

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