Monday, 18 July 2011

Love and Marriage... So Much To Learn

Almost everybody has his or her own definition of love and the angle they perceive love to be.

There is the biblical definition of love which says that love is patience, kind and a lot of other things.

Love also seems to be synonymous with sex to some people; such that when a guy is chatting up a girl and succeeds somehow, the next thing will be an advancement from the guy's side (most of the times) saying "if you love me then u will agree to sleep with me to seal our love". Can u imagine?!!!

I have had a similar experience in the past and gosh! It upsets me so much so that the moment a guy says that whether in words or in actions, that is probably the end of the relationship.

So, what exactly is the meaning of love? I mean practically. And, are there some people who really practice the biblical kind of love?

Is marriage for everybody? If so, why then are a lot of marriages failing these days? Pastors are not even left out

Also, do some people enter into marriage for the wrong reasons? Probably the lady got pregnant and so the couple had to marry in order to save their face as well as the families' reputation; or a match-make by both families; or the lady thinks she is aging and so "rushes" into marriage or everybody is getting married so they have to descend to anybody's level just to please society?... The list of reasons is endless.

I am no relationship expert, so I can't say much on this subject, but the little I know is that we must fall in love for the genuine reasons. Concerning marriage, let us enter into it being guided by God Almighty and not by our own might.

Please if anybody has something to add or answers to earlier questions I already posed, bring them on. We all need answers, don't we?

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