Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Social Media: A Blessing or A Curse

Technology has been and is still changing the world we live in. 

Trust me, my new media lecturer will be glad about this post. He will know I am really absorbing all that he has been teaching us, hehehe... I really wish I am. 

Back to what I was saying. Technology is making a lot of the impossibilities possible. I don't remember the last time I went to the post office to post a letter, do you? Social networking which I am going to be talking about, is another aspect of technology which is making a lot of impact (both positive and negative) on how we live today.

Let me share a joke a friend told me sometime ago when social media had not gotten to the peak we are experiencing today, where the most way of chatting was through yahoo messenger, and without the web cam.

She told me about how she met and fell in love with a guy on yahoo messenger, they exchanged numbers and got talking, pictures were exchanged and the guy finally decided to come down to Ghana to meet his heartthrob. According to my friend, at the arrival hall she could see people trooping out but her supposed prince charming wasn't coming out.

When she started running out of patience, and had almost given up hope, a big fat short man, started walking towards her direction. She thought the man needed help or directions or something, til the fat dude got to where she was and said "baby, sorry for keeping you waiting. I am your date"...you might probably be asking how?
Apparently, the bobo sent pictures of his youth to my friend, and guess what? My friend did what any reasonable girl would have done. She took a loooooong walk, and the flipping deceiver never heard or saw her again.

Social media is helping and saving us from all those wahala. Technology has made it possible for real time, so you can see the person you are chatting with... if the person is one eyed, you'll definitely see it. lol. If the person is so fine, like my bobo, (lol, oh yeah my bobo fine!) you'll get to see it as well.
Then there is Facebook, where you get to connect with all your friends, from the ones you met at age 0 to the ones you have now. For me, Facebook has become like a virus and gotten under my skin so much, that not a day passes without me checking what is going on there. 

One of these days, I am going to deactivate my account and hopefully, I wont be going back there, hopefully... just hopefully, so help me God. Did I hear you say Amen?!

Does anybody have an experience to share? Bring it on and humor us a little. 
The only thing technology has not been and I don't think it will ever be able to do, is to raise the dead. But one thing I do know is that, new media is making life so easy for us all to the extent that, we don't have to go look for news, the news finds us.

Peace, am out.

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