Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Few of My Favourite Things

I am a lover of many things..., ranging from good food, good movie, good education, good looks etc... the list is endless.

I have discovered that, football is part of the many things I love, but I love football if and only if Ghana Black stars are playing.

I discovered this recently when one of the local stations were showing a play back match of the world cup between Ghana and Serbia and the tension I went through was as if the match was a live one. And when the penalty was scored, I jumped and screamed. lol don't mind me!!

The Ghana black stars
The super eagles of Niger

I know they have a match against Nigeria somewhere in August ( I am not too sure of the date). And although most of my loving friends are Nigerians, I pray we out score and out play them.....hehehehe, don't blame me now, if it were you, wouldn't you have wished the same for your own country?? lol