Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Randoms + My New Look!

Hello dearies,

I was at a program over the weekend organized by one of the local radio stations here in Accra called Joy Fm. The programme was dubbed "Joy Fm Party in the Park" and my oh my, I had a blast!!!

Went with the apple of my eye (my three year old son) and we had so much fun. I didn't know there was a place like that in the capital. 

Ok! So those of you in Accra can check it out. It's the Legon botanical gardens and if you are a non Ghanian but would love to visit too, don't hesitate to do so, because our many tourist sites will leave lasting memories in your mind (call it my own way of advertising my

We were having so much fun until my son got lost among the crowd. I nearly went mad looking for him. I later found him on one of the bouncing castles enjoying himself so much that he hardly realized I was even around.

I haven't had that much fun in a long time, and I highly recommend that anyone that wants to steal away from the hustles that city life throws at us daily should avail themselves of the opportunity of enjoying the fun the Legon Botanical Gardens has to offer... I know... I'm at it again you would say. lol - Just can't help myself. It was fun, it was cheap, and it was eventful. Believe me folks, it was all that! Yes it was!!!

By the way, I got myself a new hair do and what I will call a change of face (my own This is because I have never tried a short hairdo before. So this is a daring experience for me and I hope it suits my face. What do you think? I'll take your word for it. Please don't wreck my spirit o! Even if it's so bad, say something nice first, before you drop the bombshell. lol.

Waiting to hear from you.

Peace... I'm out.


  1. glad you have fun,the new hair is fine,you look fatter,that's if I'm seeing well.:D

  2. Thanks for stopping by mine. Short hair fits almost anyone and it sure looks good on you! I love!!! being around children, give your soon a kiss for me

  3. im not a fan of short hair for myself, but u look nice. me likey. :)

  4. What some kids put some mothers through. The both of you will be fine.

    The short hair makes you look cute, but I think the long hair looks better sha. It is good to try a different look once in a while

  5. Sounds like the kind of fun i wana have. i desperately need a break mehn. Ur boy sounds lovely. they always do that dont dey? very precocious lil cuties. My nice got lost like that too 2ce at the airport.smh. as for the hair, i can't c it well but it looks alright

  6. your hair looks nice.
    kids always do that.......

  7. Eyah, I can imagine how you felt looking for your son...and your hair is beautiful too,meThinks it suits yah!

    First time here and following

  8. i was just in Ghana this past March through May....i wish i would have went there..the park....(younger sissy and i)

  9. Hmmm, I cant imagine the state you were in , when you were searching for your son...Thank God for children, they can make us go crazy at times...cant wait to have mine

    Now my "Ghana wantings" is getting stronger.

    Your hair is nice, I think it suits

    First time here and following.

  10. You def look different in both pics but the short hair looks cool though. I love the blue top!

  11. You look pretty with your hair like that as in short. And I can't wait to visit Ghana. A week wont be enough. I might be asking you for a list of places to visit. ;-)

    Thanks for coming by my blog sugar.

    And thank God you found your son. That beginning bit almost made me jump off my sit. Glad he's fine.

  12. sounds like you had a lot of fun dear. I sooooooo need a vacation myself. *sighs*. I love kids too and adore my nephews to pieces. Glad to know your son is ok, and was having so much fun that he didn't miss his mum :-).I love short hair do's. Yours looks nice on you.