Monday, 24 October 2011

We have Been Called to Finish The Course!!!

So the weekend is over and work resumes with an extra kind of pressure that comes with Mondays. I had a wonderful weekend and I trust you all had the same too.

I am reading a very interesting book right now by Dr.Mensah Otabil (A Popular Pastor in Ghana) titled "Anointed to Start and to finish", got to a part that I am loving so much, so I took the following excerpts from the book to share with you my lovely readers. So as always, please read, enjoy and above all share your views and thoughts.

According to the book, there are four qualities that will help us to stay on course as well as finish the race to receive the desired crown. And these are :
  • Focus: this is the concentration of all one's energies on the most important things in life. at every point, we must decide what the most important project or assignment in our life's are.
  • Endurance: this is also another important requirement for long distance running, because pursuing a good dream requires patience and continues application in order to get the desired results needed.
  • Hope: this is seeing a positive picture of the end result of one's effort. It is the expectation and the anticipation that keeps us going even in the face of adversity
  • the last on the list is determination: this is the will power and the strength of mind that it takes to pursue a dream to the end.
This is the song that a determined heart or person with a lot of determination sings always;
**If I can't fly. I will run, 
If I can't run, I will walk 
If I can't walk, I will crawl. 
whatever it takes, 
I will drag myself across the finish line**

We have all been called to start and to finish a race or a course, it is not enough to lay a foundation and proceed to build on it. It is not enough to start a race well and open a considerable gap over your competitors. It is not enough to go buy foodstuffs, prepare food and place it before you. It is the completion of the building , the finishing of the race or eating of the food that brings ultimate satisfaction.

I pray that our hands will be strong enough to complete the work we have began or will begin and also may our set dreams and visions be accomplished in Jesus name Amen. Thank you for reading...

Peace I'm out


  1. I have hear a seromon from him before in my former church! He is really good!!!

    Thats for sharing your read:) In as much as God will complete all he has started in our lifes we too have a huge part to play:)

  2. Amen!

    I seriously need that prayer.

  3. @Nightingale, thanks for the comment.

    @Natural Nigerian, thanks for the comments and for stopping by, glad this prayer came just in time.

    @Myne Whitman thank you too for reading and commenting

  4. encouraging indeed.
    And i mentioned you on my blog so check it out ok