Wednesday, 29 May 2013

purely Ghanain!!!

Hello everyone,

In the spirit of African Union @50, I am back with a sequel to this post. This is purely GH version. Enjoy...

*  My Padi (my friend)
*  Chaley what de hapon?  ( my guy, whats'up?)
*  Ibi me wey you do me like that? ( am I the one you treated that way?
*  I make wild pass you sef/my eye red pass your own ( am in hot mess more than you)
*  you say wetin. ( what are you saying)
*  you dey do mouth mouth (you bluffing)
*  I no go biz you ( I wont mind you)
*  For de where (How? Where?)
*  Me den u (You and I)
*  Chaley, how be you? (my guy, how are you)
*  Chaley I Chok (my guy, I am fine/ am cool)
*  I biz am say... (I asked him that...)
*  No libilibi, No labalaba (No tricks!)
*  Azaaa man/woman (Cunning person)
*  You de bore me waaa (You are upsetting me seriously)
*  My back-born (My young brother/sister)
*  What u de talk? (What are you talking about)
*  What u de find? (What are you looking for)
*  Dat be my back case (Dat's not my problem or business anymore)
*  I de wedge u (I am waiting for you)
*  I see u keep long (It's been a while since I saw you)
*  I dey job inside (I am at work)
*  Chaley, I no dey see top o (my guy, I cant make a head and tail of things)
*  I go bell u riiiight now (I will call you back in a bit)

You like? you can add your own o... So oyah! Let's go!!!

Peace...I'm out!


  1. You say wetin? Is just like NAIJA pidgin

  2. Lol it's cool reading Ghanian pidgin.. It's kinda different from ours tho just some few words,are same as ours..

    Nice one*smiles*

    1. thnx Becqui. I believe you are doing great.

  3. Hmmmm Nice.It's close to 9ja's pidgin tho.Ibi me wey come check your blog o.LOL

    1. LOL, yes o, I see say you sabi the deal well well. lol

  4. Chaley I Chok lol. They are very similar to Naija slangs though

  5. Nice one, P.. They all sounded Nigerian you know..

    1. yes they do, thanks for coming and commenting. appreciated much!

  6. I like that I can understand most of it even though i cant speak least "dem no fit sell me for Ghana" :D.Nice one

    1. yes ooh my dear... nobody fit sell you for GH. lol. you sef... Ibi me wey you make I miss you like that? lol. abeg come and blog soon

  7. I dey go bo troski (going to board a bus)
    Raise cabi (board a cab)
    we go lef gbeke (we are leaving in the evening)
    i dey hung or hunger dey yard(i'm hungry)
    I figa say (i thought)
    she dey rush (shes arrogant)
    chale raise the foot give me (give me my sneaker)
    aloooooot but to mention a few.

  8. Nice blog
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  9. waohhh the are so similar to Naija broken either way..the Ghanaian slang I mostly know is the Chaley! at first i thot it was the guy in the film's name until I was like nooo how can so many people in the film be "Charlie" before i realised it was a

    Thanks so much for stoping at my blog I appreciate it bless xx

  10. LOL I couldn't make out the meanings but for your translations :)
    But it's so much fun :)

  11. Wow. Nice knowing more about Ghanaian pidgin.

  12. It's quite similar to naija pidgin...that's good to know. I am glad that I understand so like Jhazmyn said "dem no fit sell me for Ghana"

  13. Really nice, got me laughing