Thursday, 23 May 2013

Daddy's Love Letter...

Greetings everyone!

I am excited this morning. Excited, because I saw this video, and I just thought that I couldn't forgive myself if I didn't share it. It's a perfect piece, and speaks of God in a way that a lot of us are unwilling to see Him. As I watched, I imagined how the relationship with my son, and how I will still and always be a mum, no matter what goes on between us. We are such loving parents, uncles and aunts, but it is so difficult for us to see God in that light... Like seriously, we act like we will beat God to it when it comes to being parent. He is our FATHER... 

But we are unable to relate with that fact. We hurt when our kids act like they can't trust us. We did and still do the same to our parents and some of us even got into trouble while refusing to connect to our parents' love because of things we did or didn't do. Our parents felt/feel bad about our lack of understanding of their love, and we feel the same with our kids; how much more God, who offers us a perfect love? We prefer to listen to people who give us the impression that God is mean, draconian and downright inaccessible, and while watching this clip, I asked myself if my mum ever denied me of anything I needed (especially love) merely because I did something wrong or offended her, even when she had to beat me... My answer was a sober no.

Look... this movie made sense to me, and I hope it does the same for you. Enjoy and be blessed:

Need I say more?

Peace... I'm out!


  1. OMG! This is so profound. Just reminds me of how much i am loved. THANKS for sharing!

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    1. oh really?... please refresh your page and try again. thanks!

  3. Awesome!!!! thanks for sharing

  4. It is true that most of us have refused,to see God as our father and friend..

    Thanks for sharing dear..

  5. blessings and thank you for sharing, its always good to see things from another angle.

    stay blessed

  6. Well stated and thanks for blessing me this morning with this.

  7. The video is not showing on my device..:(

  8. Absolutely beautiful video Priscy, and amen to every scripture spoken there. Thankyou for sharing it. It is so true that God is totally misrepresented by those who do not know Him and the only way to know Him is in Jesus. God bless

  9. Such a powerful video, thanks for sharing. Anyway, longest time.

  10. I hate when an interesting video starts breaking and refusing to show. Thanks for sharing will brb to complete it.