Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Stampede at T.B Joshua’s church: 4 dead, several injured

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"A scheduled Sunday church service at the Spintex branch of the Synagogue Church of all Nations has been cancelled due to a stampede which left three men and one woman dead at the church premises on Sunday.

The man of God, Prophet TB Joshua had earlier announced the distribution of anointed water during Sunday’s service on the church’s station, Emmanuel TV.

Hundreds of people reportedly started arriving at the church premises from 8pm on Saturday and before the service could start by Sunday morning, there was a stampede due to the huge numbers at the venue.

According to Citi News editor, Richard Mensah, who was at the scene, the District Police Commander confirmed the deaths and 15 other casualties and stated that both the dead and injured had been conveyed to the hospital.

Even though the church requested security from the police, they did not anticipate such a massive crowd numbering 45,000. Speaking to Citi News, one of the church officials, Rev Sam Mc-Caanan said they had to stop the service because they heard a commotion outside the building.

“Everything started very well this morning but in about 30 minutes we heard some commotion outside the church premises. We went outside the building only to find a stampede and people being trampled over," he stated.

Rev Mc-Caanan further mentioned, "We had to cancel the service and invite the national ambulance over to help the people. We also had the police beef up their security. We also cancelled it because we did not want to aggravate the situation."

He described the casualties as unfortunate and unprecedented, “we are used to numbers but we have not had an occasion like this. We are very devastated, it’s very unfortunate and we are very sorry. We have to do a thorough work around this to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”
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Yesterday, a popular musician in Ghana called Iwan wrote this on his wall on FB "I Hear Say some People dey Go Take Holy water .. Wey Dem Die .. I shock Give My People Ghana, God is Right Beside You, So why Looking Elsewhere .. No Holy Water would Grant U Salvation .. Change from Your Ways and Jah Would also Change U .. No Man has God in His Hands .. God has all Of Us in His Hands.. TB Joshua can Never Save U from Ur Sins .. Wake Up Sleeping Beauties"

I think I agree with Iwan, what do you think? 

I wish the casualties a speedy recovery and the dead, a perfect rest in peace, Amen! 

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  1. This is the message Nigerians also need, I am sure the crowd would have been larger in Nigeria but then our people are used to taking their water with them from home to be blessed by the so called men of God.

    The deaths are truly unfortunate...sigh!

  2. Sigh... o ga o. I agree with Iwan. We need to learn to look to God directly.

  3. The Scriptures say that God's people perish for lack of knowledge; because people do not want to pay the price and discipline themselves to read/study their Bibles and know God for themselves, they are easily swayed by a lot of religious gimmicks. The word of God is surer than any human gimmick, but people want 'jara' or extra knowledge to supplement that. I agree with Iwan totally. It is really sad.

  4. It's a pity. I hope we all learn from this , God lives in us, he's beside us and always around us..holy water can't give salvation...that's so true.