Monday, 26 August 2013

Somewhere In The World Today...

Dear Lord,
Somewhere in the world today, there’s a man confused about what to do next. He’s done all he knows but has still not been able to be the kind of husband and father he thought he would be.

Somewhere in the world today, there’s a woman whose hope is failing. She has been patient, trusting that things will get better. She’s raised her kid(s) without a man and has struggled with broken dreams.

Somewhere in the world today, there’s a couple that woke up not understanding why they are still together, looking for a reason to break up, wishing there were no kids in between to make their decision to move on tough…
Somewhere in the world today, there’s a new kid on the prison block. He’s wondering how he got into the whole mess that landed him in the cells, and the answer just isn’t coming.

Somewhere in the world today, there’s a young lady who has become tired of believing and is just ready to give in and violate every single principle she has stood for.
Somewhere in the world today, people are suffering for the mistakes and ineptitude of their parents.

Somewhere in the world today, there’s a child, wondering why he/she is not the one in the classroom; why he/she cannot wear good clothes and shoes like the child across the road; why there’s no one to call dad or mum; why that uncle puts his hand under her skirt every time she needs 1cedi for a meal; why that aunty asks him to kiss her nipples every time he comes for a plate of rice without money; why his/her little shoulders must have to carry an adult's burden and why he/she must have to figure this whole sadness out…

Lord, I am just reporting live from the world. But You have already seen these things from where You are. So I am not just notifying You with updates, I have just come to ask for grace. Lord have mercy on them… Have mercy on us all.

Let the Light of Your Presence pierce through the darkness and break the chains of death, wickedness and despair among us. Let us rise up in Faith… true Faith, and contend with the enemy of our souls. 

Teach us to pray o Lord and teach us to remember to give thanks in all things, for it is Your will for us through Jesus Christ…
Above all Lord, give us grace to help those who cannot help themselves.

Peace Lord... I'm out!