Wednesday, 15 May 2013

All Naija Bloggers! Please Stand Up!!!

My people!

Its me again. Been hearing this kinda phrases in 9ja movies, read some on blogs, twitter, FB and from Nigerien friends of mine. some crack me up so much so I couldn't help but share some of them on here... this is purely made in NIGERIA English, enjoy...

*Abeg dress back.
*Nothing de happen
*See me see local trouble o!
*Na ya eye be this?
*If I hear pim, u go hear weeen.
*Have they brought light? ( said the same way in Ghana as well)
*The film is sweet
*Pls help me slow that fan
*I'll tell my daddy FOR YOU
*Have you paid your school fees money?
*See as you baff up
*Put the bread inside LYLON
*I strong KAKARAKA
*Oya come and go!
*I KUKUMA don't have your time
*Shebi you have BB charger?
*See how your eye is entering my food
*I know you have come since bcoz I hear
  your perfume.
*Wetin tym dey talk?
*You chop winsh?!
*D fan no dey blow me wel-wel
* I want to tush up my house before I invite you
*I send u message?
*I no send (meaning I don't care)
*U too arrange!!
*Who dash monkey?!
*Hold ur side o!
*No let me do u somtin o! 

feel free to add some more. Ghanian version coming up! 

Peace...I'm out!


  1. Chai Priscy, you beat me hands down here. I'm going to copy and save for personal use o. Lol

  2. Can I share this with my blog readers?

    1. yes you can share. trust you are doing awesome as ever? Best wishes, and thanks!

  3. "e dey your body"
    "how e come be?"
    lol there are soo many more.......they escape me at the moment

    1. my tutor for pidgin English, why you forget naa? oyah, come and continue o. lol

  4. Haha... love Naija phrases and I love how even the educated ones still continue to use these phrases lol

    1. yes o... can you believe my pidgin is more of 9ja than GH? I dey shock

  5. Kai, chop knuckle. Your head dey there lol

  6. I forget say u no be 9ja babe. Lol.

    Well done dear.

    1. LOL, thanks Mrs. trust you and hubby are doing awesome!

  7. Let the professor of broken (that means pidgin english) school you.

    Time don reach? (Is it time?)

    Wetin dey knack? (What does the time say?)

    I go whoze you (I'll slap you)

    Dis na heavy gbege o! (This is serious trouble)

    O boy,this thing make sense. (This thing is nice)

    I don lem, i don chew, i don grub, i don smag (I have eaten)

    I go brush you! (I'll beat you up)

    No lele (No problems)

    Him don kpai! (He's dead)

    Na dagbo. (It's fake)

    E don be! (*whatever* has happened).E.g O boy,e don be o! She don know say i get babe!

    I dey kolo for that babe.(I'm crazy about that babe)

    O boy,see as you dey whine/job me.(You're lying to me)

    Let me stop there,though i can actually go on and on.Nice post Priscy!

    1. just finished taking my notes prof. you be the correct guy! thanks

  8. corrreeeeccccctttt....I like! we too

    1. this babe! where you go der o! I missed yah, hope you back for good now. best wishes!

  9. I have to give double twale to you for these list. I can't help but smile. Naija rocks...big time.

    1. eerrrmmm... wetin be the meaning of twale oo. not sure if I've heard that one before, so abeg come and school me.
      how far with the aproko story naa? waiting for pt2 o. lol

  10. I'm so stale on slangs lol. Will prolly come back here to borrow a few.

    How re you Lady?

    1. I am very well Ginger, thanks for asking... I trust all is well with you too?
      o yea... you can borrow as much as you want dear.

  11. U evidently watch Nigerian movies more than Nigerians sef, lol.

    1. yes o... I watch a lot of it. thanks and have an awesome weekend.

  12. LOL, i remember most of them!
    You are not Nigerian? :O did not know that!

  13. looool. This list is hilarious!

  14. Laughing so much at this list, 'cos it is so true.