Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Masquerader

Hello everyone!

I appreciate all your comments on my last post. I Still have my short hair on and this is because most of you said it looked good on me (winks)... So I am keeping it on for a while, **thank you! and thank you!! you far too kind.** on each cheek of everyone is a big fat kiss, Muaaaahhh!! (hope you felt it) lol.
Away from the lovely kiss, I heard a story over the weekend that got me really sad and teary eyed but also helped me add some more lessons to my "bag of wisdom" (my bag of wisdom contains lessons I have learnt so far in this life of mine). Although it's a sad story, I just have to share. So please read I am sure you will learn a thing or two at the end.

There is this mad woman (not the violent type) who's been sleeping in front of corridors of shops around the salon I have been going to make my hair, but I noticed she's been missing for a while from where she used to sit and stare at passers by. I was at the same salon over the weekend to get my nails done, and it happened that she was the topic of discussion (call it gossip or otherwise). I got interested so I listened with rapt attention

According to what they said, (i.e, the ladies I met at the salon) the now mad woman apparently used to live abroad happily with her family until she invited her very good friend over, with the hope of helping her get appropriate papers that will enable her stay abroad legally, since things were getting really tough for her in Ghana. (I suppose they were very close pals). 

Her good deeds turned to evil as she caught her supposed best friend and her "loving" husband in bed one day and that dis-stabilize her sanity. As if that was not enough, the friend in question was able to convince the man to send his wife back to Ghana and the man (as if he was being controlled by some evil spell cast on him) carried out this recommendation sheepishly.

Sadly, the family of the now mentally unstable woman had to reject her on the basis that she abandoned them when things were good for her and to that extent were not ready to take the responsibility of catering for her now that she had become a liability. Sad indeed right?

Now these are the few things I learnt 
  • Let us be mindful of the sort of people we surround ourselves with and call friends, for some have their faces masked under the fine surface. (reason for my title). And for those of you who read the most celebrated book of William Shakespeare - Macbeth; King Duncan said "the construction of the face can never tell the intents of a man's heart". Beware... never take people on face value.
  • We can not do without our families. Whether married or unmarried/good or bad, they are the very foundations for our lives and should be cherished, and helped whenever the need arises.
  • Prayer is the root of every solid and happy marriage, and with constant prayers no third person can break in to destroy it. The reason why the Bible said we should "Pray without ceasing"
No one knows presently where this woman is or could be. whether she is dead or alive, only God knows. I pray the good Lord locates her and cause her to be sane again (that is if she is still alive) and I pray she is.

Let us also remember that Christ is the solid ground upon which we stand. Therefore, all other ground is sinking sand. Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion which cannot be shaken or removed, but abides forever. Where many fall they will stand!!! So let us learn to build on the rock which is CHRIST and also on righteousness. May the lord plant our feet on higher grounds. (did I hear an Amen...?)

Thanks for reading, I would love to read your thoughts so please do not hesitate to leave one. Thanks once again.

Peace… I’m out


  1. sad indeed. u've said it all..............every family should be built on christ the solid rock and whatever happens, we should not forget our families
    thanks for sharing

  2. So much for showing love to a "frnd". My sister always says there's a punish ment for every good deed. God help us all

  3. Well,you warned it was a sad story.Well,life deserve special carefulness and of course the divine help of God.Human beings are terrible,forget whether they're friends or foe.It takes just a second for a friend to turn to an enemy.

  4. @Luciano(aka..birthday girl) thanks for the comments hope you reserved my cake and all other goodies.

    @Toinlicious, you can say that again, hmmm that is life for you my dear. thank you so much.

  5. @A-9ja-Great, thanks for the comments and advice as well and its very true that human beings are terrible, in fact very terrible. thnx

    @Myne Whitman, really sad. thank you so much for stopping by all the time I truly and really appreciate.

  6. Uhm....Only Christ can teach us how to deal with people. As I get older, I see more and more how difficult the people of the world can be.
    At the end of the day, it all boils down to prayers cos one cant be careful enough.
    I hope she is safe wherever she is

  7. Awww that is so sad. Its amazing what people you call friends can do it hurt one. May God help us all and be with that woman wherever she is.

    Thats cruel, really cruel.

    Thanks for coming over darling.

  8. That friend might think she has it going for her, but truth is, she will reap that sour rotten fruit sometime soon. You dont do a thing that evil and get away with it, it just isnt how life is. I just hope the insane woman is delivered soon. Really really sad. hmmm, life sef!

  9. So sad. Some "friends" just CANNOT be trusted.

    And some men are just assholes.

  10. Hmmmmm, Jesus and a true heart for wanting to do good at all times is the only solution. What a sad story...

  11. @HoneyDame, I agree perfectly that only Christ can teach us how to really deal with people. thank for the comments

    @Missy Tee's you can say that again, its really cruel.and thank you for following I appreciate.

    Amaka's Notepad, thanks for the comments. I also believe the friend in question will reap her own fruits pretty soon.

    @Gnetch I agree perfectly with you on this "some men are really assholes". thanks for the comments and thanks for stopping by.

    @sasi_malia, "sad story" you can say that again. thanks for visiting and hope to see you here again and again.

  12. Hmmm, this is really sad...AMEN to your prayers.

    This reminds me of a quote I saw on the diary of a fat naija girl's blog. the quote says "It’s funny how the people we will take bullets for always end up behind the trigger" Nawa o

  13. Stories Like this break my heart. There is so much evil in this world. How can her friend sleep comfortably every night!!

    I just pray that God does sth miraculous in her life. Chai.. her family tried sha..hmmm Family is priceless .. I pray they forgive her and give her support.

    God is on the throne!!

    Priscy dear.. finally responded to the versatile blogger award:d Thanks once again:)

  14. @Travel Buff, you can say that again! its just amazing how we end up behind the trigger sometimes. only the Mercies of God can save us, thank you for you comment.

    @Nightingale, I also wonder how she manages to sleep comfortably every night. I believe nemesis will catch up with her soon. thank you for the comments and thank you once again for tagging me on the versatile blogger award again!!. so sweet of you, I appreciate.

  15. sad *sigh*
    Great read...x


  16. truly a sad story. Her family should have forgiven her for whatever she did to them in the past and taken her in. I totally agree with you that prayer is very important in marriage, it is a necessary ingredient in life as a whole sef. I hope she is ok wherever she is.

  17. @OnYxStA and Che thanks for stopping by and the comments I truly appreciate.

  18. Na wa ooo. Abi we should stop doing good again???