Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ladies and Our Problems

Hmm.... I am supposed to be studying for my Mid-Semester exams today but blogging don enter my head well well!!!

I want to talk a little, about how people behave when given some sort of privilege. My desire to discuss this was triggered, because there is this lady that walked into my work place today seeking for a job appointment. 

Because she thinks she knows the right people in authority, she started flexing  her  muscles by trying to order everybody around. In fact, she started getting on my nerves so I left her on her own to do whatever it was that she wanted to do. 

She stood for a while and decided to make some calls. I don't know if it is because whoever she was calling did not pick up, but feeling confused and ashamed of her earlier actions (I guess), she suddenly became sober and tried to be nice. 

Well I acted the way a professional should and that made her even more embarrassed. It was as if  I  had  placed coals of fire on her head which I wish I really did. 

So, my point is why can't we learn to be humble irrespective of what our positions are and who we know? Does it mean that privilege gives us the leverage to do anything we want? Does it also mean we can intimidate others because of whom we know? 

The flipping lady really got me pissed this morning big time... !

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  1. In the animal kingdom where there're no rules and regulations,they give respect to each other.When a humanbeing want to turn into an animal treat him\her as such,l congretulate you for your actions,4 the word which was used to create this mighty world talks about humility.