Thursday, 5 May 2011

Oh no! Robert Pattinson likes animals more than people!

Twilight hunk and most wanted man on the planet Robert Pattinson has said that he likes animals more than people. What a disappointment!
The Twilight star told Metro that one of his main reasons for agreeing to star in his new film, Water for Elephants, was because he got to work with animals.
He said: "Francis Lawrence, the director, said he wanted to have a meeting and he took me out to the elephant sanctuary where Tai [who plays Rosie the elephant in the film] lives and I saw her doing a handstand and stayed there for about four hours playing catch with her.
"I would literally throw a ball and she would catch it in her trunk and throw it back to me, and I was like, 'OK, even if this movie is the worst movie ever made, I get to work with this elephant for three or four months. I'm definitely doing it'."
We doubt very much that this will be the worst movie ever made. Robert Pattinson + Reese Witherspoon + an adorable elephant called Rosie = promising movie in our book!

R-Pattz added: "I think I have more of an affinity with animals than I do with people. I had a dog for 18 years called Patty” (Patty Pattinson! How cute!) “and she was great, and I just got another dog a couple of days ago in Louisiana, a rescue dog, from a shelter.
"He was going to get put down. For some reason, I was feeling in a very sensitive mood and I decided I needed a dog. He's a kind of mix of everything. He looks like a hyena. He's a cool little thing and really relaxing to have around."
We can see that he clearly does love animals but is it possible he loves his fans more? I mean the new Twilight film’s not out for another seven months so he has graciously appeared in something else for us to stare at him in. How kind!

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