Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Best Friends

I am blogging about BFFs today! I know a lot of people know what a BFF means... Well for those of you who do not know It by now, it simply means Best Friend For-life.

Can a guy and a girl be friends, as in, pretty close pals? I am asking this based on the fact that, my own BFF is a guy! Yeah yeah! You heard me right!! A guy!!! 

We are very very close, there is nothing I hide from him and vice versa. He Is very understanding, very thoughtful and he is always prepared to help so selflessly anytime or day; and above all, he is so cute... mmmmm...

I dont know how he is able to get me talking even when I get a little naughty (not the naughty you are thinking about oo) lol. He even has a pet name for me and anytime I hear him calling me by that name, I just keep talking and talking and talking about anything.

All I want to say is that, there are really good people in this world. You just have to be connected and voila you are home free. He or she will be there for you all the time, so no matter what you do or what happens, you know someone's got your back.

So, here is to all those with BFFs all over the world. I say kudos. Make sure you don't loose them in any which way... And to those of you still searching, I pray you find one and soon too. Everyone needs a BFF... Quote me! I said so.

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  1. Hmmmmmmmm, sounds like a pretty nice guy and looks like you are beginning to use some of his popular sayings of late. Anyway enjoy your friendship to the max!!!!!!!!