Monday, 2 May 2011

just thinking

So! I am watching one of the many series of super stories, and this one is titled "MORE THAN A FRIEND", and as always got me thinking about the depth of human wickedness. let me tell you a little about the story! here It goes...........:-)) It shows life on campus and how some students have been born with silvers spoons In their mouth  and how It Is the vice versa for other, a poor girl had problems with accommodation  and a rich girl had to come In and help. The rich kid takes the poor girl as a sister and introduces her to her family only for the girl to turn around and to start sleeping with the rich girls dad ..... hmmm as If that Is not enough, she Is able to manipulate the man trough the help of her dad and other people for the man to leave his wife and family. This world Is really a very unfair place. The girl who has stabbed her friend In the back still has the guts to be smiling with her. The story Is still unfolding so I wait to see the outcome ....! the moral so far for me is that someone might be smiling with you but its a total different story in their hearts.. there is this adage that goes like this in Akan language " se aboa bi be ka wo aa', na efrie wo ntoma mu" meaning if an insect will bite you, then its coming from your cloth or the dress you are wearing. lets just be careful.

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