Thursday, 19 May 2011

Rainy Thursday!

Hello everyone!
It has been a rainy Thursday morning here in Accra. Although I have finished bathing and ready to go to work, the rains wont let me. So here I am all dressed up but the Rain! hmm... I am a good citizen o! Trust me... A very good one, because although it is raining, I am praying for it to stop so I would be on my way to work.

I know some people will be praying for the rain to continue all day or all morning to a certain point. Somehow, I pray their prayers are answered because then it gives me the opportunity to post more stories here for you to read. lol. You cannot blame me now, who doesn't want to relax, eh?! Anyway gotta go cause I guess the rains have stopped... And I have a salary to earn. hahahaha...

Take care everyone. Have a blessed day.

Hope the message above means something to you all.

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  1. nobody likes bitterness so when the opportunity comes utilize it, when it comes