Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Hello wonderful people, I don come again, In my adventurous search for good and Inspiring posts, I stumbled upon this from bukville.com, and thought I should share. Please enjoy reading It ,I am very sure you will  love It.     
We have been friends long enough.
Today, I have made a decision that we can no longer be friends
Your friendship has become a pain I can no longer bear
Your company is suffocating to me
You have held me back long enough and today it ends
Though you pretend to be a friend
You were also my oppressor and my prison
I will miss you but not for long
Don’t wait on my return
Don’t count on me running back to you again
This time my ship has set sail
The Lord is the captain of my ship.
I will not return to my vomit
The times that I have returned, I regretted it
You are no good for me and we can’t be friends
Friendship with you is enmity with God
I will not choose you over God
I will not choose you over my future
Friendship with you is bondage
How long will you hold me in bondage?
The price of your friendship is just too much to pay
Yes, you have always been there, my loyal painful friend
You are my constant pity party, my comfort zone,
Your eat away at my confidence
You are the discouraging voice that won’t let me
Possess my future promises
The loudest and all too familiar voice in my head
So long old friend
So long depressions and bitterness
So long my all too familiar alter ego
So long misery and the loudest voice in my head
So long shame and shackle
So long comfort eating and overweight.
So long loneliness and guilt
Welcome my future, brighter may you shine.
Welcome God’s mercy and favor
Welcome clarity and honesty
Welcome forgiveness and growth
Welcome new testimonies and breakthrough
Welcome reconciliation and restoration.
Welcome freedom and truth
Welcome ME

 credit: http://www.bukville.com


  1. Seriously life abt past is pitiful but the truth is looking at the past retard process so dear forge ahead as you are doing,thank you

  2. thank you chris for the comment

  3. Priscy, thank you for reposting my article here. Much appreciation and have a great weekend