Friday 21 December 2012

What Would You DO??

hello everyone, 

Its me again! so the festive season is here again and I'm just wondering what I would do if any of the following happened to me... Let's hear from you first! 

What would you do, if you woke up one morning and realize you had wet the bed?
What would you do, if you you fart thinking no body knew it was you, and then you suddenly look around and discover that everyone had a stern stare at you for reasons you may not readily decipher?
What would you do if a friend invites you over for a meal, gives you a cold glass of water and hands you the toothpick bottle?
What would you do, if out of 7 colleagues you had met and spoke with since you got to the office, it was a client that pointed out to you that you are wearing your clothe inside out?
What would you do, if you are looking your best waiting for an important appointment (or date) and some wacky kids just innocently throw a piece of their chocolate ice cream on your immaculate white?
What would you do, if a pregnant woman throws up at you... where? Well... What would you do?
What would you do, if you found out that an opportunity you turned down was worth a million dollars? Chei!!! I no fit shout...
What would you do, if you found your spouse and your best friend in bed in your bedroom; and they shout "April Fooooool!" and you realize it is actually April 1? The matter go just end there? What would you do?

But Seriously,

What would you do, if you found out your parents almost aborted you?
What would you do, if you found out your parents actually tried to abort you?
What would you do, if you found out that December 25 is actually not supposed to be Christmas?
What would you do, if God told you that you have been running on your own without a knowledge of His will for the past 10 years?
What would you do, if you woke up and found Jesus in your kitchen making breakfast?
What would you do if you were walking down the street with Jesus, and someone walks up to you and slaps Him (not you but Jesus...)? What would you do if you were the one that was slapped.
What would you do, if you found Jesus knocking on the door of your heart?

Just wondering... What would you do? Enjoy the holidays to the fullest cos' I am having so much fun with family and some wonderful friends...

Peace... I'm out!


  1. Chei that April fool one and the million dollar one... hian... wahala go dey though.
    Season's greetings dear

    ...but Christmas really isn't on the 25th of December. I thought that was common knowledge

  2. Really
    With Jesus there are no probabilities
    There are absolutes
    The only time He is coming back to the
    earth is for the second coming...
    Going with Him to heaven baby!
    And then wherever He goes next!

  3. Na wa for these imaginations of yours o.

    Breaking news: December 25 is not actually Christmas. Christmas is a man-made holiday, not the day Jesus was actually born. So what are you gonna do now?

  4. Your imaginations though.Hahahahahaha

  5. This is funny o. Compliments of the season!

  6. I'll just fly to Heaven, period

  7. hmm I`ll do what i`ll do lol

  8. Wow... food for thought. It is in our answers that we find our character. If I ever found out these, I pray to have the grace to properly address them by God's grace.

  9. I must say some of these are hilarious. Some can easily happen in real life

  10. merry xmas in advance dear

  11. Wishing you a merry Christmas and happy new year.
    The Lord's blessing be upon you as we walk into 2013.

  12. It would be super cool to wake up and have Jesus making breakfast in my kitchen....

  13. Hi Priscy,
    Hope you got through Christmas day without most of the first group happening to you. As for the last question, that happened nearly thirty years ago and I let Him in. Best thing I ever did. Hope you're having a lovely Christmas with your family and have a very happy new year.

  14. I live in constant fear of living my life outside God's will everyday so I guess it will absolutely kill me if that happens. I'll like to have Jesus make me breakfast though...

    Your imagination is...yar!!

    Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year :D

  15. Hello Priscy,Happy New Year!!

    This one na JAMB questions na. let me answer a few.

    Wet the bed, I will change the linen and try and dry it out with iron (with much stealth, thank you). My biggest worry would be, is this going to be a one-off, a recurring problem, or the sign of a health problem?

    That April Fool one get as e be oo.

    Parents nearly aborted me? Am i supposed to vex at them? I will hug them for changing their minds cause i sure wasnt in my mother's shoes at that time and can't know what pressure she must have been under.

    Jesus in my kitchen making breakfast? Glory!! Surely i am in heaven if that happens?!!

  16. Oh my Lord! The Jesus part made me wonder ... and the others too. I don't know what I would do o ... Maybe I would slap the person back. Who knows?

    Happy New Year, Priscy and thanks for the new year wishes too. I pray 2013 proves to be your best year yet. Enjoy!

  17. If anyone farts that way in the future, let them just look atraight bahead and walk. lol.
    Happy New Year Priscy!

  18. If I were to be in the "fart" situation, I'd just turn around and glare @ someone else. Lol.

    So many hilarious instances.

    If I were to find jesus knocking @ my door on making breakfast...let's just say it would be the first time in history that God would go on break. Because I'd not "free him" ooo. So many questions. So many things I want to know.
    Fantastic post dear. It made me pause to think.