Monday 21 October 2013

Still in Shock!

Hello People!

I haven't been on here for a while... Please forgive me. I don't even know what to blame it on, maybe laziness... But I trust we all are doing wonderfully well and are being thankful to God. Without Him our lives and efforts would be like fetching water with a basket.

So yesterday I invited a lady I met last week to church. After the service, I wanted to know how she found the service, and whether or not she enjoyed the time she spent with us. So I engaged her in a conversation which went thus:

Me: So how was the service?
She: Awesome! I enjoyed it to the fullest, especially the preaching. Also because, in my church, no one dares preach on issues pertaining to fornication and living a holy life. (my pastor has been preaching on reasons why Christians need to live holy lives)
Me: Seriously? so what then does your pastor preach about?
She: Well... Its either he's having healing and deliverance session, or general prayer sessions, or preaching on giving or how to become rich.
Me: Do you think he speaks according to the standards of scripture when he preaches? Because if he is backing his teachings with scriptures, then you shouldn't have a problem. He will preach on holiness when the time comes and he is led by the spirit of God to do so.
She: Well... You could be right. But I don't remember him speaking and referring to the scriptures. He just says things, heals people and people clap.
Me: I see... and you are comfortable there? You don't want to leave? How about joining a bible believing church, where you are certain that you will hear the unadulterated word of God preached to you?
She: Hmm... I wish I could, but my pastor says any member of his that leaves to join another church without his permission is cursed with struggle and failure.
Me: *mouth wide open* Ok, so have you seen or heard of any member that left your church and is miserable now?
She: Not really...
Me: I pray God opens your eyes and heart to fully understand exactly what's happening. But please be visiting often
She: Yes of course! I will be in your church either once or twice a month.

I know that pastor very well, I have heard lots of stories about him and his love for women. And from what I know about him, it is not surprising at all that he doesn't speak about holiness, because he will definitely be shooting himself in the foot if he does.

However, what still surprises me is the fear he's been able to put in his members, so that no one leaves. 

I wish you all a very blessed day and week, I pray this week will be better than the last one. Blessings y'all.

Peace... I'm out!