Tuesday 12 April 2016

...and am back!

mama carry me......mama....ma..ma mama carry me.....tears and pulling. I did not have an out. Saturday morning is how the day normally starts with my little girl, you would think that it has something to do with electra complex...,..I prefer cuddles to this but mummy has to do what she has to do.

Clear skies, sun and blue water ebbing is what my kids wanted this weekend, they talked about it all week till this morning, part of the reason for pick me up carry me and mummy look!!

Waking up to the heat also made the idea juicy, I pictured myself in my shades with my white flowy dress and there! I was interested. After some heroic adventure in the kitchen, with the bathroom and market, the kids had enough and were very ready for the beach!! time to let lose and just be a girl mummy.

My babies enjoyed the day, the running, and the play. It was amazing for mummy girl cause this weekend was new and fresh!!! Yes it was! by the way, what is it with kids and water anyway... but thank God I was able to fulfill their fantasy and make our weekend awesome!!! 

Greetings lovely people, I have more for you but I want your good energy! I will get a good welcome from you wont I? lol (as if na you send me) LOL

I want to say a big congratulations to sykik for becoming a mum! indeed our God is faithful and He watches over His word to really perform... been reading all the blogs and I thank God for each and everyone of us. It feels really good to be back!!

This post should have been up yesterday but got a bit busy at work, watch out for more stories of all the happenings and the new addition to my family (winks)

Peace I'm out!(for now)