About Me

Well, what can I say...
My name is Priscilla. I am young, inspired and motivated. I am a generational thinker, as in, I believe that every thing one does today factors into the future. I believe that people must be careful about their actions today, as they always have a way of stirring us in the face in the near future. interestingly, the future is usually not as far away as we imagine them to be. As a matter of fact, the future is what we called today yesterday.

So I take life very seriously... I can be a bit vain and stubborn sometimes (my man says that a lot, though he is still very supportive inspite of my excesses), but in all, I take life very seriously. 

I am a STRONG woman! Yes!! And I am a REAL woman!!!

Drop me a mail anytime at priscysworld@gmail.com, you can follow @priscysworld on twitter and lets get talking... thank you for coming!

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