Friday 28 September 2012


Hei mum, 

Today, you would have been 59... You wouldn't have still reached retirement age, but you took an early retirement from this world. You did your job, yes... A great job in leaving the world better than you met it. 
That's my mum
You may have been gone for a while, but for me, it still feels like yesterday, 'cause your memory lingers on in the very depths of my soul. I still remember your birthday and all the other dates which were significant to your life here, I still hold dear. I know you are happy in God's arms... So I cherish and and honour your days. I bless your memory, because you are a part of my story.
The legacy continues 'cause you taught and raised me well. I love you... I always have and always will. Happy birthday mama! 

That's me and my mum... A long while back
I've got so much to tell you... So many questions to ask and so many issues to discuss with you. Well... Yes, I should have said "would have loved to"... To say I miss you is an understatement... When you left (without a sign or any notice... without saying goodbye) I was lost, I thought I was doomed... I thought I was better-off dead; but God found me, He lifted me up, and He favored me... He has been there for me all these years. He heard all the prayers you made for me... Yes He did. 

I will continually love and cherish your memory.... With love from me to you always. Just touching base to let you know that your little girl is all grown up and running things by God's grace (I can see you laughing now). My brothers are doing well too, and you have 4 grandchildren already. Funny how time flies. It can only get better.

Miss you loads mama... You are always in my heart... ALWAYS.

I leave you with my latest signature (chuckles and winks), Peace... I'm out!

Monday 24 September 2012

When the devil is in your bed...

Greetings my people,

I trust you had a great weekend... I also trust that this new week will unfold greater things for you, yours and us all. I read this story from another site (source at the foot of the writeup), and it brought a lot of issues to mind. I don't want to be preemptive, so I will leave you to read the story, then I will share my thoughts:

"I have learnt not to follow the heart but the mind. I consider myself a smart and wise woman, however even a wise person can be misled. My story… About 25 years ago, I fell in love and married a Igbo guy in the US with the intention to remain married. I worked hard to support him while he attended law school with the hope that he would assist me to get my degree once he finished. However, the moment he got his degree, he realized that he did not want me in his live. He became promiscuous, sleeping with countless young girls all around the place.

Because I am an American, I had fought to keep him in the US after several attempts by the immigration to deport him. I later made him to secure his green card; that was really when the going was good and we all had smiles on our faces. But the good days were short-lived as he abandoned the house, just to go after his numerous concubines and mistresses. To add salt to an open wound, several of his Nigerian concubines became disrespectful ,calling the house and warning me to stop calling him, if not they would never allow him back to the house again.

I would always tell them that he was cheating on them, and that if he could cheat on his wife, then what did they think he would do to them”. I should have whipped both their ***, not because they were sleeping with him, but because of the numerous phone calls. Our vows were a contract between him and I so he was wrong no matter the number of “women ” that came his way. Not only was his heartless act a thorn in my heart, but for the fact that I’m still paying taxes I owed because of him. This has led to a complicated medical condition, leaving me disabled. I am very Mad and frustrated now.

He has since returned to Nigeria and doing very well as a businessman. I just learnt he is a renowned businessman down there. I have also discovered that he never even told his family back home that he was married to me, and that one of his concubines was his wife.
I still care about this guy. However, a part of me is angry and would always wish he goes through the same pain I went through because of him. He made me look stupid before my family and friends. We have since divorced but chat on and off and even talk about getting back together again. I’m not sure if I can ever fully trust him again; so sleeping with him, I guess would be like “Sleeping with the Devil”.
The experience has left me bitter and don’t trust many people especially African (Igbo) men."

After reading this story I sat and wondered not just about this woman's experience (if her side of the story is anything to go by), but also about how one person's behavior can stir up a stereotype which affects communities and generations of people from that community. In Ghana, the first thing that comes out of the mouth of the average Ghanaian when a Nigerian passes by is "419". In Ghana Ewes and Akans have an age old beef which has torn many marriages apart. 

Much as we so passionately agree with Martin Luther King Jr, when he said that people should be judged based on the content of their character, I hold the view that we must all be careful what we do and say, and how we generally relate with people; because you might be all those people need to assess your kind. Now this American lady has a beef with African (Igbo) men, because of one... I hold my fire.

So many other issues arise out of this story, please feel free to share your thoughts on the one(s) that pinch you.

Peace... I'm out!

Source of story: Daily Post

Monday 17 September 2012

White Knight in Rusty Armour II... I SLEPT WITH THE WOMEN

Greetings Blogsville, 
As a follow up to my post late last week on the suspected uncertified abortion doctor who was sexually abusing his patients, I thought I should share with you excerpts of the police interrogation… I do this out of a great sense of responsibility, not just because I am a woman, but because I feel that there is so much going on in our society… So much we need to follow up and pursue to a logical conclusion.
So for those of you who up till now are unable or too uncomfortable to watch the video, I trust that this excerpt as lifted from Mr. Anas Aremeyaw Anas’s facebook page (under the title “sexy lord of abortion”), of the exchange between the suspect and the police (and pasted below) will help you get a full picture of what we are dealing with here:
"Joshua Drah, administrator of the Universal Mission Clinic, the man in the middle of the abortion sex case, after several denials during the joint Police Criminal investigations Department (CID) and Panthers Unit raid at his clinic, finally confessed to the offense.
When quizzed by the arrest party at his office, the ‘Dr.’ expressed surprise at the whole arrest. At some point he evaded questions and at other times, claimed that he did not remember events.

He further denied flatly at the CID headquarters all the allegations that were read out to him by the Police, thereby pushing the police to play the raw footage of him in the middle of the act. To say that he was shocked after watching the video is an understatement. He finally confessed… Excerpts of the conversation are as follows:
When the video starts playing

CID: Is this your place?
Drah: Yes.
CID: Drah, is it you?
Drah: Hm?
CID: Is it you in the video?
Drah: Yes it’s me, it’s enough

Amongst other things established in the course of the raid, it became clear that he was not a doctor but rather a medical assistant with training from Togo. He is unable to tell where his supervising doctor, a certain Dr. Solomon. Additionally, he admitted that he did not have the necessary license to operate the place, although he had been working at the Universal Mission Clinic for over a decade.
Journalist: Mr Drah, do you know what is going on here, do you have an idea of what is likely to happen?
`Drah: No, I don’t have an idea. In fact it’s concerning the clinic I don’t know why they’ve arrested me
Journalist: Is your clinic illegal; are you operating illegally?
Drah: No, I registered but they didn’t give me the this thing yet …
Journalist: Are you operating with a license
Drah: I have license but they haven’t given me the this thing yet, that’s go ahead from the Ministry of Health
Journalist: How many years have you done that?
Drah: 15 years, but we are establishing it small small because the place was listed.

After admitting that he had sex with the girls, the doctor beat another retreat on the issue of whether or not he used condoms in the middle of the abortion. A visibly confused Drah was left to manage weary smiles intermittently and at other times played to the tune of an absent minded person during the interrogation. Finally, he let the cat out of the bag - he did not know his HIV status!
CID: Do you wear a condom when doing this?
Drah? Yes
CID: How and when do you wear it, look; I am asking do you wear condoms?
Drah: No
CID: Drah, do you know your HIV status
Drah: No
CID: Does your wife know this is what you are doing with strangers?
Drah: No
CID: We have brought you here because you are operating an illegal abortion clinic and when doing the abortion, you have been having sex with them. Is it true?
Drah: I cannot remember
CID: I am asking again, before you do the abortion operation you have sex with the victims, is it true or not true?
Drah: I cannot remember anything
CID: But have you done that before; what do you mean by you cannot remember; So you want proof?
Drah: [sits smiling] yes
CID: Should we show it to you, I am asking you ‘doc’?
Drah: Yes, bring it if I can see
CID: Do you have a license?
Drah: Not yet!
CID: So who is your supervising doctor?
Drah: Dr. Solomon from Accra
CID: Which hospital; what is his number?
Drah: I have forgotten it
CID: How long have you been operating it?
Drah: I can say for 10 years
CID: What is the name of your clinic?
Drah: Universal mission Clinic
CID: Are you a medical doctor?
Drah: No, medical assistant.
CID: How did you obtain your certificate as medical assistant?
Drah: Yes, I’ve been to medical this thing … all my training I did it in Togo"
Imagine the risk some women put themselves through. He is not even licensed to operate a clinic yet and he has been operating for the past 15 years (according to the excerpt from Anas) I can’t help but wonder the number of ladies who have fallen victim to quack medical practitioners over the years; how a lot of young women die after “a brief illness” and we might not even have the presence of mind to think that it was because of their visit to one of these "slaughter houses"... It’s worse for me when I see that obviously our "doctor" gave answers which will help his case in court when he finally gets there (like “I don’t remember”, “I can’t remember”, “I have forgotten it”, “I have been to medical this thing”… And the police couldn't try to pin him down with a detailed and more convincing confession). My fear is that if the Anas video "as is" is anything to go by, and if care is not taken, this man will in no time be walking down the streets a free man – he might just relocate to another area and continue his business.
I am following this story keenly and will surely fill you in as it continues to unfold. In the interim, permit me to ask, do you think this man’s confession can even secure a guilty verdict and subsequent prison sentence? The court of public opinion is one place, and a true court is another… Or am I being unnecessarily fussy about the outcome of this matter?
God bless Africa... God bless us all!
Peace... I'm out!

Wednesday 12 September 2012

White Knight in Rusty Armour... The Abortion Doctor

Hello everyone,

No... I am not bringing the video here but going to talk about it. I am sure you all or most of you have heard of the ace undercover investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, the guy is doing a great job here in Ghana.

Anas recently went undercover (as he always does) to a hospital where the doctor in charge carries out series of abortions in a day with unsterilized tools, and in the most gory way. I just watched the video and I doubt if I will be able to get over the double-barrel "pain and disgust" in a long while. The video is bad and the doctor is worse.

What the doctor does to his victims before carrying out the abortion is even much worse... He sleeps with them first... Yes! You read it right! He sleeps with them without a condom, capitalizing on their desperation and obvious naivety; telling them that if he doesn't sleep with them, the abortion won't be successful because a membrane was covering the womb and he has to sleep with them before the womb can open for the abortion to be carried out. See here

The "sexy lord of abortion" as the producers put it, had sex with all his victims before carrying out the abortion. I am sad...extremely sad because the doctor took advantage of the desperate situation the ladies were in and may have even infected them with STDs in the process. You all need to see the video in order to be the judge. I pray God forgives and protect the ladies.

Abortion is not good... Abortion kills babies who have a right to be born and have a shot at life just as you and I... Please tell a friend to tell a friend who will then tell a sister that abortion is like putting a gun in someone's head and blowing his brains out. I know the line which says that there are a number of medical reasons which justify the act of abortion, and you and I know that this is not the subject of our discuss now.

So if you are not ready, please use contraception. I wish I don't have to make this recommendation (and this goes to all my born again folks), but if I were to choose between abortion and contraception, I would recommend... No! Strongly recommend!!! contraception.

Peace... I'm out!

Sunday 9 September 2012

Let's Discuss This Please... A Hurting Marriage Needs Your Help

My dear people of blogville, 

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to be a marriage counselor for a few minutes. The man I spoke with was shattered, broken and really bitter; and the reason for his lividity was the infidelity of his wife. Yes you heard right... His wife.

According to the man (because he was the one I had the opportunity of talking to) he has been married to his wife for a number of years and within that period, he has had cause on two occasions to suspect and actually believe that his wife was cheating on him: the first one was based on information from his own friend and the second one was based on an eye witness account given by his own cousin. 

The lady confirmed the first incident and apologized for it, but she denied the second one saying  that she went to see a pastor who took her to a hotel room to pray for her and their marriage, insisting that nothing happened at that meeting other than the prayers.

The man is bitter and shattered because he loves his wife to bits and yet wants to divorce her; but you could hear from the uncertainty in his voice when he got to the point of talking about divorce, that this is an option he is not keen on exercising.

After listening carefully to him I told him that we all go through and actually have challenges of some sort in our relationships, so I recommended that he should talk with his wife or let a trusted person talk to her in order to find out exactly what her problems are and why she is not content with her relationship; maybe she's not satisfied sexually or she's under some form of spiritual or genetic influence or their marriage is going through a transition which makes her feel that she's fallen out of love with him... I recommended above all that he should talk to his pastor (because he is a devout Christian and an active member of the church where he worships) and allow him to get involved in the process of dealing with this attack on their marriage and to counsel them both towards healing and a more beautiful marriage relationship.

I want us to discuss this, what could probably be the reason for the lady's actions apart from the ones I already gave? Do you think divorce can help calm the man down? I'm asking this because he said he had to beat the wife up when he got wind of the 2nd saga which according to her was merely a prayer session with a pastor and nothing more. Also, if she really went to see a pastor, was the hotel room an ideal place for them to meet?

I will be most obliged to read what you also think about this issue. Thanks for reading and commenting. 

Peace... I'm out!