Wednesday 31 October 2012

Shouts Out... In The Mist Of The Storm

Hello wonderful people, 

I am glad to be alive today, I am thankful and grateful to my maker for how far He has brought me and my family, we have come this far by Grace...

Before I continue, I want to thank each and everyone of you for your comments on my last post. In fact, I have learnt some new cool stuff. Thanks so much, I really really appreciate it, God bless your sweet hearts for me.

In the midst of the Hurricane Sandy storm that is happening in the US now... In the midst of all the bomb blasts going on in Nigeria... in the midst of the chaos and confusion happening all around us, the Lord knows and will always protect His own. We are blessed and highly favored! And like every other thing we have been through, this too shall pass.

shout out to Ginger, DoshixGbemisoke I believe you guys are safe where you are... My thoughts and prayers are with you. Brownskinaijachic come back and blog soon I beg. Lucy, your next post is long overdue. Brenda, thanks for everything, God Bless you.

Please, who knows where Amaka and Mrs Ndem are? Been a while since we read anything from them.

Best wishes to all of you.

Peace... I'm out!

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Cracking Ma Head For answers

Hello my people,

I believe you all are doing great, yes? This Friday is a holiday here in Ghana and everywhere Islam is preached and followed; and I just cant wait! I love holidays to bits, seriously... Anyway, school has started for me again and this time, the pressure is much. In fact, e no be easy, but God dey.

Shout out to my new followers, I appreciate your being here. Do continue reading and commenting.

There is so much going on in my head these days, and just as it is my habit, whenever I hit a brick-wall on the issues, I would always prefer to bring them to my dependable blogsville (that's you by the way... hehehe) to share my burden and share their thoughts on the matter. This here, is one of those many issues:

When a thief is caught, he explains that his actions were as a result of the harsh life he's been through. And I wonder; what about the harshness the person who has been stolen from will go through?

A fraudulent banker, a lying lawyer, an unethical doctor, a dubious politicians... They all have their reasons for the actions they take. But what about the people their actions deprive? Shouldn't we learn to think and act beyond ourselves and our needs?

Is there any justification which suffices, for the deprivation of the deserving?

Is it my mind, or am I making sense?

Peace... I'm out!

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Now, I have a Question + Versatile Award!

My people,

How una dey?

I want to say a very big thank you to sweet Relentless, and sweet Ay for awarding me with the versatile blogger award! chei! blog awards fill my heart with so much joy cos' it shows how much you are appreciated. I take a bow and say thanks, I will work on it soon even though I did a post on that here sometime ago.

Now, I've got a question but before that, I will love for you all to check this site out 360degreeslove its an amazing site and purely on relationships, you will be glad you did.

Ok... So lots of believers "claim" they don't and won't listen to secular music because it is worldly and pollutes their souls. They say the artists are sold out to the devil. But they watch movies written, produced, directed and acted by self confessed gays and satanists, illuminatists, buddhists, freemasons, etc; and they declare those guys are their heroes and mentors.

Is this ignorance, a lack of understanding, hypocrisy or falsehood?

Ignorance - because in all the wisdom we bask in, we still follow blindly and mindlessly; 
Lack of understanding - because in the midst of all the information released to us both from the scripture and the pulpit, we still lack a grasp of the implications of the actions we take and the things we indulge in; 
Hypocrisy - because even though our hearts tell us the truth, we choose the broad path, filling our hearts with justifications that describe our foolishness... A fool says in his heart, that there is no God; 
Falsehood - because we live so much in the path of the lies we tell ourselves that we suddenly accept them to be the true state of things, and ultimately using it as basis for propounding theories of hell and branding them as suitable for the Lord's House.

We won't listen to Beyonce, the Ojays and Montell Jordan, but we'll watch "fighting temptation"; we condemn DMX, but love "Quater Past dead", and "Romeo Must die"; we call Jimmy Cliff a weed smoking rasta who cannot positively influence young people, yet we watch "marked for death"; we call Ice Cube a gangster who should not be walking the streets a free man, but we have watched "xXx: State of the Union" over and over again.

I ask again, Is this ignorance, a lack of understanding, hypocrisy or falsehood? What are we not getting right?

Peace... I'm out!

Thursday 11 October 2012

The Abuse... The Abuser... The Abused...

Greetings Blogsville,

I have been thinking about this for a long time, and I really think it's time for me to talk about it:

Sometimes, we define things merely based on how they suit our agenda. Why do a lot of people speak of abuse only from the perspective of violence against women?

When you beat your wife (for whatever reason), it is abuse. When you disrespect/dishonor your husband (for whatever reason), it is abuse. Note here, that if you say that some men deserve the disrespect they get, then it just might follow that some women deserve the beating they receive.

When you punish your children for the wrong reasons it is abuse. When you chose money and fame over your family, pretending you are doing it for them when you know that you are indeed gratifying your ambitious and vain desires, it is abuse.

When you dishonor your parents, it is abuse. When you intimidate your parents and bend them over to your whims and caprices because of the comfort you provide them, it is abuse.

When you maltreat your house-help because you are irritated by her background or because you feel she doesn't deserve any better, it is abuse. When you make your house-help do all the work even though you have grown up children who can help out around the house, it is abuse. When you feel your 15 year old child deserves to be in bed by 10pm, while your 10 year old house-help stays up till 1am doing house chores (necessary or not) merely because you are paying her, it is abuse. When you will not give your house-help a moments peace, merely because of your paranoiac insecurity (that your husband has his eyes on her), it is abuse. When you want to sleep with your house-help anytime your wife/husband is not around, it is abuse.

When you make the young people in your church do things you wouldn't let your own children do, it is abuse. When you harass them with commitment messages and nuggets, when you know you should advice them never to skip class (while your own children are busy getting the best education), it is abuse.

When you refuse to give your husband/wife sex, or use sex as bargaining power or an ace for control, it is abuse. When you ignore your wife/husband even when you know he/she needs you and is making sense, it is abuse. Man or woman, when all you remember and want to talk about are the bad sides of the people that love you, it is abuse.

When you are unforgiven, stuck up, unnecessarily talkative and stuck to your position, it is abuse. When you feel that only the rich people around you deserve respect, you have abused the poor ones. Anytime you hurt people for the wrong reasons, you have abused them.

Have you abused anyone lately?  WASH THE INSIDE, AND THE OUTSIDE WILL BE CLEAN.

Peace... I'm out