Wednesday 27 July 2011

Few of My Favourite Things

I am a lover of many things..., ranging from good food, good movie, good education, good looks etc... the list is endless.

I have discovered that, football is part of the many things I love, but I love football if and only if Ghana Black stars are playing.

I discovered this recently when one of the local stations were showing a play back match of the world cup between Ghana and Serbia and the tension I went through was as if the match was a live one. And when the penalty was scored, I jumped and screamed. lol don't mind me!!

The Ghana black stars
The super eagles of Niger

I know they have a match against Nigeria somewhere in August ( I am not too sure of the date). And although most of my loving friends are Nigerians, I pray we out score and out play them.....hehehehe, don't blame me now, if it were you, wouldn't you have wished the same for your own country?? lol

The Black Stars and The Super Eagles in one of their numerous matches

Patriotism at work, anyway sha, my dear Niaja sweet friends, do not give up on me oo! please, I am still your dearest dear okay :-) Love you all to the max and you know it.

Away from football, another favorite thing I love is wrestling......., I love it to the max, especially in the days of stone cold Steve Austin, the Rock amongst others. 

I never use to miss the Cd's and anytime I am watching, you will see me screaming and jumping all over the place. well, now i don't really have time to be watching it but the few times I have had time to watch it, I still love it to bits.

I also love to experiment with food, I remember when I was in the secondary school, anytime I come back for holidays, my mum will be saying stuffs like her commodities in the house are in trouble cause I loved to experiment with food a lot. Most times I get them well and other times too not too well and I try to improve on them.

I am a good cook, yes I know because I have been told a couple of times before. And when I am in my cooking moods, hmm, not even the best chef in the world can compete with me. Lwkmd, but for real!! I can cook.

I love doing a lot of stuff, I love to read good novels filled with suspense and romance it makes the story very unforgettable for me. 

Well!! these are a few of my favorite things, what are yours??