Friday 30 September 2011

Versatile Blogger Award!!!

I am so very happy today, not only because it happens to be a Friday or the last day of the month, where I get to receive my salary, but also because Myne Whiteman (another blogger) has found me worthy enough to receive the award of "most versatile blogger".

According to the rules, the recipient of the award is supposed to:

  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them your post;
  •  Share 7 things about yourself; and
  • Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know about it!

So here we go: Thank you very much Myne Whiteman of for this award, I am most grateful. 7 things about me, hmm... (thinking) Okay,
  1. very polite and soft spoken
  2. very sensitive 
  3. I love to joke a lot so I am funny and humorous
  4. I have very good negotiating skills 
  5. It takes me a while to make friends, but once I do, we become very inseparable
  6. I am a day dreamer sometimes (imagining stuff) lol
  7. I am able to show character
Wow! That wasn't as tough as I thought it would be. Well... there you have it, okay now to the 15 blogs I have discovered. The thing is, I keep discovering new ones everyday and I am loving them.
Lady Ngo's World
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Against all Odds
My Life, My Passion, My Blog (Iwalewa)
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Kitkat's Tales
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Amaka's Notepad
Rhapsody B.

Pheeew, please if your name is not on this list, it doesn't mean I haven't discovered your blog yet because I actually have, and I will visit your blog over and over again... TGIF, a lovely and a blessed weekend is what I wish you all. Cheers.

Peace... I'm out.

Thursday 29 September 2011

Be Yourself!!!

Hello Blogville!

Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn't care or bother about what people say or do? Well... that is the situation I find myself in right about now.

People just judge you based on your outlook, your appearance or hear-say (this by the way, is the worst of them all as far I am concerned). Gone are the days that I used to live my life for people; when the fear of what people might say or do gets to me and limits or completely stops me from doing what I know I have to do. At this point in my life, I am happy to say that I have outgrown that stage. Yeah!!! Call it growing up, being a big girl or moving to my next level, for me, it's moving on to better days, of progress and fulfillment.

I am saying this based on an incident that happened recently. One thing I hate is when people conclude issues concerning you based on what their "korokoro" eyes have seen or what their ears heard, and the area I live in is one of the safest but yet gossip filled areas one can come across. People monitor your every move, as if some have been assigned to be checking your every activity every minute and time. You know... Like the CIA, KGB, BNI,

One thing I know is that, so far as we are human beings, people will never (consciously or otherwise) stop talking or stepping on our toes. So my advice is, if you are still living your life based on the fact that people might talk about you when you do this or that, then you are setting yourself up for a disastrously unfulfilled life. Live your life the way you want it. Do what you know you have to do and be happy. This is not to say we should isolate ourselves or live our lives disregarding the people around us. So make sure you are doing the right thing and be responsible for your actions.

A very good friend of mine always says that, things are fine and will only get better. So believe in God and also in yourself, it is well so far as God sits on the throne.

Thanks for stopping by.

Peace... I'm out

Wednesday 28 September 2011

Happy Hour

A colleague of mine turned 60 last week and was due to go on retirement on that same day. So the organization I work with decided to surprise him, by hosting a birthday/send-off party in his honour and we had so much fun. 
The one in the T-shirt is the birthday guy and the one going on pension too
we are one sweet happy family
It was pure joy chatting with colleagues and taking the "pressure" off   
there was even a barbecue stand in the yard
a happy hour it was indeed
It was a "mixed feeling" kind of situation because, in as much as we will be missing him, the party also brought happy moments for us while we distressed. Perhaps staff members should turn 60 years more often so we get to have this kind of I'm not lazy o! Just loving the fun we had...

Don't we just look good in our traditional wears? we were all looking casual because it was a Friday.

Peace... I'm out

Tuesday 27 September 2011

My First Love


Hello wonderful people,

Can you still remember who your first love was? Let me see if I can remember mine. But let me first of all define what I mean by the term "first love". When I say first love, I use it in the context of the one person that made your heart beat faster or someone you used to "trip" for way back when you were much younger (I mean the very first

Some people might associate first love, to be the first person they made love to but in this case, I am referring to the one person you fell deeply in love with but for one reason or the other, something happened and the love went sour or dead. A situation which I am going to share with you briefly.

This is my story. There was this fine guy who I used to fancy way back when I was younger. The guy's family had a shop in town and anytime my mum and I went to the market to get food stuffs for the house, she normally parked in front of their shop; and since we used to go to the market at least once a week, Mr. fine guy and I started noticing each other. (without my mother knowing a thing of course)

Unfortunately, where we stayed was a bit far from town so we only went out when there was a car available or an urgent need to. But in my case, since I met Mr. fine guy, anytime there was any need to get something from town with or without a car I volunteered to go (the sort of things we do for 

The annoying part was that, anytime I went to town, we do not spend anytime together. We only exchange greetings and steal glances at each other, nothing more or less (a situation which has now made me believe that, you never expect people to be aware of your needs or feelings unless you tell them). So maybe I should have been bold enough to tell him how I felt since he couldn't be man enough to (Oops!!! Did I just step on some manly toes?! My That of course would have been at the expense of my young life, because my mum, as observant as she was, was bound to find out sooner or later, and you know what that The exciting part however, was that seeing him alone made me happy for the rest of that day.  

It continued like this for a while until I went to town again on one of those let me call it "familiarization visits" and was returning home when it started to rain heavily, from the junction to my house too was quite a distance and oh gosh!!! I was beaten by the rain mercilessly that day. It was pathetic... You can't just imagine how soaked I was by the time I got home. The rain made the love I had for Mr. fine guy vanish immediately (reminiscing now and I cant stop laughing)

After that experience, anytime I was being sent to town, I thought of it twice, remembering how the rain dealt with me and then I'd recline. As for Mr. fine guy... Well, we hardly ever saw each other and I think the distance that was created due to the rain made our hearts grow fonder with just wishes. lol.

I can see you laughing already! So what was yours like? Maybe it wasn't the rain that ruined everything, but something else did. lol. Bring it on and let us laugh a bit. Thank you for reading. Cheers everyone.

Peace... I'm out