Tuesday 24 September 2013

Kid's time out with Barney!

Hello lovely readers! 

So Monday was a holiday here in Ghana and it was in celebration of Founder's day (the late first leader of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's birthday), which fell on Saturday the 21 of September and for that matter had to be shifted to Monday! Yea... holidays are so cool, right? Well they are for me. lol. One of the TV stations asked their viewers what they know about him and other heroes of Ghana, and one person said he knows more about corruption than history, and sincerely, I agree with him.

Away from that... Guess who was in town?! Barney!!! Yea he came to town, so on Sunday the 22, I took my sunshine and a friend with her kids to the International Conference Center to watch the Barney show. It was fun... Enjoy some pictures 

The auditorium was so packed that even people with VIP tickets could not get seats. This family had to seat on the floor

sunshine with his friends

The lil girl is soo cute! Her name is Chinemere...

That's comedian funny face. This guy is something... Very humble and a nice person too
That is all for now. I wish you all the very best of everything... I also pray that we will learn to wait on the Lord and hide ourselves in His secret place so that forever we will abide under His shadow!

My heart goes out to all those who were directly or indirectly affected by the Kenya mall bombing. Ghana lost one of its greatest Poets. A prolific author, himself an elder statesman, Prof. Kofi Awoonor (former Chairman of the Council of States). May God be our strength at this time. It's well.

Peace... I'm out! 

Monday 9 September 2013

Little beginnings are very important part of your story...

Hello Everyone, 

Another wonderful week is here again! Here is wishing we all have very beautiful testimonies and wonderful things to talk about at the end of the week. 

Today, I am talking about little beginnings. I have had the chance to speak with a few successful people here in Ghana, from executives in the oil an gas sector, to bankers, to transport owners, to fashion designers, to farmers, atheletes and entertainers; and their stories have all been almost the same. Some started off as mechanics and drivers among many other odd jobs that we don't really regard.

The difference was their perseverance. they persevered against all odds and it landed them at where they are now.

What am I saying? Small beginnings are very important, never despise or let anyone despise your little beginnings because, a journey of a thousand miles begins with just a step.

I hope this encourages someone. I hope this helps teach a reader that, even though you might not be seeing the head and tail of a thing now, things will only get better if you believe in what you are doing, hang in there... even when the road is rough. 

My prayer is you keep on being persistent and faithful and with God being on your side, your story will be different in the next few years to come. May the Lord bless and keep us all, may He cause His face to shine upon us and give us peace always, in Jesus Name. Amen!

Peace... I'm out!

Monday 2 September 2013

My Weekend In Pictures

Hei Blogville,

Happy new month to you all. I pray in this 9th month, we will birth all our aspirations and we will find rest in God IJN, Amen!

I hope y'all had a great weekend. Well... It's a wish I have for you, cause I had an awesome weekend myself. 

Weddings are beautiful, not just because of the joining together of lovers, but also the glamour, the fashion, the fun, and ofcourse, the pictures.

so I went out on Saturday and Sunday (for two wonderful wedding ceremonies) with my camera. See a few of what I got, Enjoy...

this was for my collegues traditional marriage on Saturday

this was for Sunday at a church member's wedding

that's my sunshine with a cousin

this girl was amazing with the adowa dance. (a traditional dance by the Akans)

my colleague with her heartthrob 

both are church workers and they found love in each other.

I pray the Lord God will bless both marriages with all their heart desires and make them continue to grow and glow in love.

Before I sign out, here's a big hug to atilola on her loss. May the good Lord strengthen her and the family. Goodbye is the saddest and hardest thing to say, especially if it's the kind of goodbye that never waves back... cause they are gone for good.

I wish you all an amazing week, I pray we have lots of testimonies from now till the end to month and always.  

Peace... I'm out!