Wednesday 13 July 2011


Hi everyone, I am so sorry to be away for so long,, I promise to be updating as often as i can...! 

Feels so good to be a mother right now, why am saying that?? My three year old son is making me feel so proud to be a mum. 

I guess he is becoming more and more sensitive to things happening around him.

He keeps asking me some questions that make me marvel, just yesterday, I was sitting down just pondering about life and about issues, when he came running into the room. When he saw me sitting down quietly, he came saying "mummy, are you okay"?

I answered him yes!, he said "I love you ok", hmm, that is sweet right? and through out that yesterday evening, he wouldn't leave my sight.

My prayer is that, God will grant every woman the gift of the fruit of the womb to experience these great love once in their life time. It feels so good to be a mother!! trust me, it does.

Moving further, my school is on recces until October, this is when most students travel out of the country for holidays and summer jobs to keep body and soul together, and other things that come with long vac's. 

Wish I could also take some break for some holiday somewhere, but how do I get to go now!!! 

when am on leave, its because am writing my exams and if am not, then am working..... hmm,!!!!

One Minute Guru!!!

I love watching TINSEL TV series, I make sure I don't miss it ever, its full of fun and humor. Talking of humor, there is this guy who plays a character called chuks, the nephew of Ziki the bar owner.....yeah!! 

That guy will not kill me o! He wants to host a relationship show in his uncle's bar, and guess what? when he was asked what he would want to call the show! he said "the one minute guru" Lwkmd.....!his friends then said " haaba chuks, you don't have to talk about your yourself now" lol.... hmm so, does it mean he is a one minute man?lol   

Anyway people, guess that is all I have for now. But, before I sign out, I would like to appreciate everybody who has been following my blog and leaving comments, there will be no me without you!! God bless your hearts ***** cheers!! am out.

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  1. Sounds so good, indeed I am going through the same experience right now. Some few days ago my three year old son, Caleb touched my hair and said "mummy you have done rasta fara" you know I plaited locks, I just stared at him not knowing what to say. We shouldn't take them for granted.