Wednesday 21 December 2011

The Masquerader pt 2

Hello people!

Seasons greetings to you all. I hope this Christmas brings you good tidings and all the blessing of love and happiness you could ever seek for.

Ok, now to today's agenda. You all remember the masquerader story right? For those of you who do not or who may not have read it at all, you can follow here to get a heads up on the antecedents leading to the instant read. So I was at the same salon over the weekend and I raised the topic again. Trust me, I have been trying to find out the where about of this lady for a while now, but didn't know how to start asking the people at the salon, without sounding like an "amebo" (gossip).

So finally, I mastered the courage and asked after the lady this time around and the response I got certainly broke my heart. The poor lady is dead. Yes! you heard right... Dead! How that happened, no one knows. As sad as it can be, what the family members planned and did with her corpse is what  made me "bore" (vex) big time!  I was told they went for her corpse and they gave her a grand funeral which attracted a large crowd.

After this story and the appendages attached to it were shared with me, I began to ask myself all sort of questions: Where were all those family members when she was living on the street? Does it mean the family members preferred her corpse more? OMG! How could they even dare to go for her corpse after neglecting her and allowing her die in such a sad way in the first place? Lord have mercy!

Sad way to end a life just because one was being good. May God forgive the husband who is believed to be under a spell and may the Lord forgive the "supposed" friend too and help her repent. May the Lord help her to repent because even though this lady might be dead and gone, even in death, she's got people watching out and praying for justice on her behalf.

Anyway! I wish you all the best of this season and I'd like to share with you, a prayer I got from the net. I pray that you will give to your enemy, forgiveness; to an opponent, tolerance; to a friend, your heart; and to all, charity. I also pray that you give to every child, a good example and to yourself, respect. Have the best of the season and please observe a minute silence for the departed.

Peace... I'm out!


  1. Dis is just sad bt somehow I'm not surprised. The family were probably too ashamed to help her when she was alive. My sis always says "there's always a punishment for every good deed". Should we stop doing good? No way. So help us God

  2. She died? OMG... that is sad :( .

  3. @Toinlicious, very true on what your sister says.

    @9jaFOODie, yes! as sad as it is. thanks for following and the comments.

  4. Well,these things happen.There's this saying back here in 9ja that "If you think a mad man doesn't have a family,kill him first and you'll know".Merry Christmas in advance to you.

  5. @A-9ja-Great, i soo much agree with you. thanks and same to you too dear.

  6. well everyone does have a family. and in Africa, no one is a bastard. merry Christmas

  7. Edem Fui Avevor

    well everyone does have a family. and in Africa, no one is a bastard. merry Christmas

  8. Even if God forgives that friend, she has sown a seed and will surely reap the fruits late. God cannot be mocked

  9. Eeyah, this is quite sad. It is well...

    Merry Christmas, hope u hd fun?

  10. @ilola, true that. God cannot be mocked.

    Beulah, merry Christmas to you too, and yes! it is well.

  11. This is all levels of sad and worse is the fact that it's still happening. We have family and friends that are in need of help but we're all too busy living our lives to offer a helping hand. May God open our eyes to see and help those who are in need as we cross into the new year. God bless you for sharing

    1. God bless you too. and i agree with you on us being too busy to offer helping hands for those who need it.

  12. Wow.that story freakrd me right out.God knows best..sad though.

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