Tuesday, 3 January 2012

This is it!!!

Hello wonderful people,
I am excited. Very excited to be among the living today to be celebrating the Lords goodness, my heart goes out to all those who were victims either directly or indirectly on the Christmas day bombing in some part of Nigeria, my prayers are with you and yours, it is well.

In this year, tell all those who have refused to see the good in you to hang on a minute! Tell your critics to stay tuned for a great show ahead! as for your admires, oh! tell them they haven't seen anything yet! also, tell all those who wish/plan to see you 6feet down to better bury themselves in their own pits because My God... Your God... Our God... He is awesome! He will continue to make us outstanding in all our days in this new year.
The Almighty will
Uplift us,
Elevate us,
Motivate us,
Surprise us,
Celebrate us,
Provide for us,
Expand us,
Bless us,
Favor us,
Enlarge our coast,
Open doors for us,
Prosper us,
Protect us & above all Preserve us. 

By His precepts, we shall thrive in every area of life in this year. And just as we celebrated His goodness in 2011, we shall have reasons to continue to celebrate His goodness at the end of 2012. Yes!!! We shall see the end of 2012! You'll see... Happy New Year to you all.
Peace... I'm out


  1. Amen to all your prayers. Nice way to encourage us to start this new year.

    Happy new year.

  2. Amen dear! Hmmmmm,this is definitely going to be the best year yet.

  3. Happy New Year dear. Amen to your prayers.