Thursday, 5 January 2012

Life: Deep and Unpredictable...


During the 31st December 2011 all night service at the church where I worship, an incident happened, whose succeeding event, has shaken me so much that, since that time up til now, I haven't really been myself.

We all got to church excited and looking forward to the exciting moments in God's presence which will usher in 2012. After worship session, the MC allowed for testimonies and a lady who I haven't really seen in church before came to also testify of the goodness of God. Paramount to the other things she said God had done for her was God delivering her from all sort of death-threatening demonic attacks.

So, about half an hour to midnight, we started praying to welcome the new year. While the prayer was going on, we noticed this lady who I spoke about in the earlier paragraph, had fallen and was vomiting. So the pastor asked that we all pray for her because she was going through another demonic attack.

After praying for her, the pastor instructed that she be taken to the hospital, and we continued with the service. I was informed later that morning that the lady died in the hospital and I'm like whaaaaaatt!!!!!

Since that day, I have asked myself so many questions... Questions like:
* Why didn't God save her (because I know He has the power to) even after her testimony of His goodness towards her?
* Why did she still die despite all the prayers we made on her behalf?
* Would she have been dead now had she not testified? 
* What is it about life that one minute you have it but the next, you are not too sure what to expect?

But just as it is written in the bible that we should give thanks to God in every situation (because that is the will of God for us through Jesus Christ-1Thessalonians5:18) and also to watch and to pray. This lady would have died in the church auditorium had there been a little delay, and this would have led to a grievous police scandal; not adding what the press would have said about my pastor and the church.

We serve a living God... A God who knew us even before we were born; a God who is before the very foundation of our lives. So as believers, we have to understand that God was there before us and will still be there even after us. This is why we have to be confident that if we get Him involved in all things pertaining  to our lives, He will always perfect our ways.

May God have mercy on us all and teach us to number our days so we can always apply our hearts unto wisdom.

Peace....... I'm out!


  1. That's a lil scary. I guess it's a good thing she confessed before she died tho. God sees all things. Happy new year babe

  2. I can see how upsetting this would be, but God knows about it. May God teach us to number our days like you said *sigh*

    Happy New Year!

  3. @Toinlicious, "That's a lil scary" you can say that again. I agree with you that God sees all things. Happy new year to you too dear,I guess you still enjoying your holidays, just make sure you rest enough because you deserve it.

    @The Relentless Builder, where have you been? its been a while I read anything from you here. yes! this issue has really been very upsetting for me but like you said, God knows about it.
    Many many more happy returns.

  4. Ahn ahn, na wa ooo. God knows why everything happened the way it did. from her testimony to her death.

  5. So sad. Life is just like a little flower, today it blossoms, tomorrow its gone. Am just recovering from the shock of the death of my church elder. Read more on my blog

  6. So sad. Life is just like a little flower, today it blossoms, tomorrow its gone. Am just recovering from the shock of the death of my church elder. Read more on my blog

  7. Hmmm, na wa oo. Who are we to question God? I ask questions in my mind sha. Like when I lost my Mum two years ago, I kept on asking all sorts of questions. Why didn't God heal her? After all her going to church for prayers, our night vigils etc. God knows all things sha.

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  8. Well years after i lost my DaD i realized no matter how Holy,God fearing or anything,when its time its we should just live coz we not promised the next min. somethings just don`t make sense when you look at it but as always you gonna hear the same old phrase "GOD KNOWS BEST"

    1. DIDI, we cant just understand life and yes! sometimes somethings do not make sense but we trust in the fact that, we serve a living. thanks for the comment.

  9. Wow! Sad and scary at the same time.
    I'm not even sure what to make out of it and I'm not even sure how it sounds when I say "thank God he led the pastor to ask that the lady be taken to a hospital".
    Trust me I understand how nasty the situation would have been if she had died in church.