Wednesday 19 October 2011

Set Your Priorities Right !!!

Hello wonderful people of blogville!

What would you do differently if you had your life to live all over again? I know someone is saying ah-ah! Priscy!!! What a Question! Well... A group of people, 95 years and above (these are the group of people who we regard as having lived life to the fullest), were interviewed and asked this very question and their answers were illuminating.

There were four things that were of prior importance to them; four things they would have done differently if they had the chance to live their lives all over again:
  • They would spend more time with their loved ones (wives, husbands, children, brothers, sisters and all their friends) and also invest quality time into the lives of the people most important to them, especially their children.
  • They wished they had taken more risks and made bolder decisions, (remember the saying that "fortune favours the bold"?). They also wished they had not been afraid or timid and had followed their life's dreams.
  • They wished they had saved more money. And sitting here, I am thinking that being disciplined enough to save more money, would also come with the passion to make wise investments, no?
  • Last but not the least, they wished above all things, that they had spent more time offering sacrificial services to those who needed it.
How do you find the above list? 

So I end with this, "Life is like a vapour. One moment it is here and everything seems to be working for you and the next moment, it is all gone. So let us learn to make the most of our time and opportunities while we still have life." Also, let us learn to set our priorities right. (my counsellor mode is activated right about now) smh'

Thank you for reading. I would love to read your feedbacks so please remember to leave one.

Mercie Boucoup everyone. 

Peace... I'm out


  1. Leaving a mark in one's generation is vital. Helping people, putting smiles on faces that had tears, taking love and kindness wherever we go etc. Life is just so meaningless if lived anyhow

  2. wise words....................we really do need to set our priorities cos time waits for no man

  3. @Amaka "Life is just so meaningless if lived anyhow" you can say that again. thanks dearie for the comments.

    @Luciano, "we really do need to set our priorities cos time waits for no man" very true, thank you for the comments dear.

  4. Awesome lessons. I just hope our generation is not too busy chasing the "Dream" cos "life" is what happens when we're too busy chasing the dream. My family is the absolute best. Giving back is what i wana be doing right now. Many pple seem to think you have to be a certain age to give back. Giving back can also be in "kind". a smile, a hug, helping hand...It is well

  5. all the way with Toinlicious. I find myself chasing the dream so much these days, at the detriment of other relationships I should preserve and build. It is really tough, the pressure mounts...

  6. @Toinlicious, I so much agree with you dear.

    @HoneyDame, "the pressure mounts" I know but we will surely get there...., haven't forgotten about our deal, still putting it together :-)

  7. It is said that at the end of life, it is time not spent with family that is so sorely missed. God give us the grace to learn these lessons.

  8. I mam hysterics thinking of how that will read....*giggling**

  9. @Myne, Amen to your prayer. Thanks for the comments

    @HoneyDame, lol

  10. Wow powerful word of motivation, keep it up.

  11. @Docia, thanks for the comments