Wednesday 26 June 2013


Hello Lovely People,

I just wrote my very last paper as an undergraduate! When I got up, I took one loooong, haaard look at the chair I sat on, 'cause I knew that it was the last time I was ever going to sit on a chair like that in the capacity I had sat on it a few minutes ago. As I walked out of the examination hall, I had the inspiration to write this poem, and quickly I sat down to put pen to paper. It's my thoughts about my journey thus far. Enjoy:


It was just like yesterday
I started this race
This race, to win a place
Among the white collars of the world
Not just as one with a bucket,
But as a rain maker
I look back at how the race has been

How so many times I thought I might never get here
How I wondered if I was going to make it through
How I got tired at some point and almost threw in the towel
How Love kept me going
How  Courage kept me stable
How Faith kept me thriving
How Prayer kept me sailing

I can't say I have seen it all
But I have seen quite a bit
And with every heartbeat
I am thankful I have come this far...
One bridge crossed
I too can say
Been there, done that...

I did it? No! We did it!! Together!!!
But Lord, You did more... Much more
You made the dream come alive
You gave energy to the vision
You gave speed and ease to all the efforts
You have made me what I have become...


Peace... I'm out!


  1. awwww Congrats..and all the best with your next step in Life..Bless!

  2. Congratulations dearie!! Yay!

  3. congrats babe! i know the feeling.

  4. yipeeee!
    Congrats dear. I know that feeling. Its one that no one can explain. I wish you the best as you progress in life.

  5. Congrats dear! all the best in all your future en devour

  6. Congrats Priscy, I still remember that feeling. Greater things to come for you :)

  7. Aww, congrats. On to the next phase now. lol

  8. Congratulations, Priscy! You must be so relieved. I love this line: "...Not just as one with a bucket,
    But as a rain maker." You're thinking ahead. Way to go!

  9. Congratulations, P.

    Here's to greater things, greater accomplishments, greater conquests IJN.

  10. Congrats darlyn, big thumbs up....muah

  11. Bravo!!! I looove the poem,it really came from the heart.You're not a bad poet you know.Congrats on your graduation,may God make you a rainmaker indeed.

  12. Go Priscy!! Congratulations, bigger and better achievements ahead for you. God bless

  13. congrats dear.He has brought you this far and will still take you higher. your bestdays are ahead of you.

  14. Congratulations, ma'am . All the best in your future endeavor

  15. Congratulations again! I loved your poem. "Been there, done that..." Hi 5!

  16. hey Congratulations, its a great feeling have great things ahead of you

  17. Congrats girl-wishing you the very best. Well done.