Tuesday, 6 September 2011

New Design

hello wonderful people,

I am giving my blog a new face lift by changing the design and a few other things. what do you think about this one, is it okay or should I just maintain the first one. Your opinions please.

Thank you.

Peace.....I'm out


  1. ooopsy first to comment. Absolutely love the background i will vote u maintain this new one

  2. Like d blog make-over. looking fabulous

  3. I like this....kind of serene and lush looking...tnx for coming over to my blog.

  4. I love the leafy greens, makes it very soothing...

  5. @small cucucu, thank you, will do just that.

    @Toinlicious, thanks my dear for all your comments, they encourage me you know.

    @Ibhade, thank you too for stopping by am very greatful.

    @Myne Whitman, wow, am so happy you stopped by, have been reading your blog for sometime now and am loving every bit of it. you will come again, wont you?:-)

  6. Wow, the font i have fallen head over heels in love with! I love the font to bits!
    The background? Feels just right to sit, stare at and medidate. Has this serene and cool feel. Thumbs up

  7. @Amaka's Notepad, thank you dearie, I appreciate and thank you for coming again. keep coming Lol. cheers dear.

  8. I think black has been my fav colour so stay with it :)

  9. Great but a little background tweak will do. The background is a bit too dark making reading slightly of a hassle.


  10. Priscy, i would also recommend that you change the time to GMT. Seems to be GMT-7.

  11. @enybees-hub, thanks dear, will stay with it for you. ok

    @Kobena Wiredu, thanks for the comments and the alert on the time, will try and make "a little background tweak" cheers dear

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