Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Laugh A Little

Hello everyone, 
Its always a pleasure coming your way with my posts. Yesterday the 6th of March was Ghana's 55th Independence day celebration and for that matter, it was a holiday. I love holidays mehn!!! I had fun, I enjoyed myself and I had some rest too.

I got a joke I want  to share with you. This joke brought a broad smile to my face and I hope it does the same to you too. Enjoy. :-)

Three pastors met and agreed to sincerely tell one another their problems which must be kept a secret among themselves and also to enable them remember one other in prayers.

The 1st pastor said: My problem is money. I even steal from the Church Offering most times. Please brethren pray for me....

The 2nd pastor said: My problem is Women. Whenever I see a woman (no matter what she looks like) my desire will be to go to bed with her. He pleaded with his friends to please pray for as well

Turning to the third pastor to hear his problem, the other two pastors noticed that their friend and colleague had started crying, and in a short while, he was so uncontrollable that it took the other two pastors some effort to calm him. After that, he was asked to go ahead and share his problem and he said (still sobbing) "My problem is gossiping... You, my brothers need to pray for me seriously o! Because by the time we leave this place, everybody will hear what you two have said here" *Wahala* No! *Mega-wahala!!!*

What will you do to the gossip-pastor-friend if you were the first or second pastor? lol

Enjoy the rest of the week dearies! Best wishes.

Peace... I'm out


  1. The first time I heard this joke, I was like Meeeehhhhnnnn, this is some serious mess up

  2. lmaoooo.... they must start serious fasting and prayer for the guy o.

  3. hahahaha!!! oh my, if only they knew

  4. lol. enjoy the rest of your week too

  5. LOL wahala! They had better start preparing for fire.
    Lest I forget,Happy independence :)

  6. hahah wahala dey. it got me smiling.

  7. Okay this cracked me up. Now i'm wondering what the other two pastors will do about their colleague. Kill him perhaps? *Na joke o*

    Meanwhile check out my blog and let me know what you think. Don't be stingy with your comments.