Tuesday 30 July 2013

Help Them Or Let Them Be...

Where I have been? I've been on leave from work... Eating, sleeping and getting fat. And oh... Worked on my long essay which I have submitted. I believe y'all are doing awesome? I am doing same and I resumed work today.

So, on July 19, I submitted my long essay on "Using Communication to Reduce Stigmatisation Against Persons Living With HIV/AIDS". What started as a mere academic exercise (which was meant to add value to my results) turned out to become much more than an intellectually gratifying experience, but also an emotional and soul searching journey.

I had first-hand contact and conversation with persons living with HIV/AIDS (called PLWHA in short)

Me & Joyce D Natey (AIDS ambassador & PLWHA)
and the first thing that hit me was "Hei! Come now! these guys are human beings! Real people! They eat, they talk, they cry, they look good... really good, and they are no different from you and I". I had to come face to face with my guilt and my fear; the guilt of saying to myself, that it is risky to have PLWHA as friends, and the fear of thinking that mingling with them even in a conversation will infect one.

Well... I conquered my guilt, and I conquered my fear concerning PLWHA. I applaud them for speaking openly about their situation; for teaching people like us how to handle ourselves so that we don't get into their situation. I respect them... I don't pity them. Not at all! They don't  need pity, whether yours or mine. They need our eyes, our ears and our hearts to be open to their message, that it could have been us in their shoes. So we must learn what they are teaching us and not stigmatise them. They deserve a good life and we must not stand in their way of getting it. Besides, most of them "before and after" lived and are living a far more decent life and are much less promiscuous than a lot of us who vilify them.

So, just as I have been converted, I end in the words of Jesus "...let he/she that is without sin, cast the first stone"


Peace... I'm out!


  1. Nice one Priscy.They indeed don't need our pity but our contribution in the preaching of "Stop the stigmatization.

    1. thank you! I trust all is well with you?

  2. This is a good cause......God bless you for showing love.

    Welcome back to blogville

    1. thank you and God bless you too. waiting for the real gist of "that awkward moment" story oo.

  3. THis is really cool. Good one madam and welcome back. You should check out this blog
    She's also living with the virus and winning :)

    1. thanks a lot Toin, wish I knew about her blog earlier... would have given her some questionnaires to fill for me. will contact her all the same.

  4. Nice post Priscy and great job on your work. They need support and not discrimination.
    P.S: welcome back.


  5. Kudos Priscy, and true words too.

    They definitely do not need our pity. I know a few PLWHA and they are just amazing, yes there are a few who become bitter and vindictive but hey, where there's good there'd always be bad, such is life.

    As for getting fat...where the fat? :p...lol

  6. Good work you are doing Priscy. Thats what the world needs - walking in other people's shoes for a little while. So we can learn to love more unconditionally.

  7. A little knowledge goes a long way! Great Post!

  8. People tend to fear what they do not understand. I guess a great many, are ignorant of the facts about PLWHA. Well done for going the extra mile- not easy.

  9. Welldone, P.

    I also find 'asitwasnotinthebeginning's blog highly informative. Never interacted with anyone living / dealing with this situation until my chance meeting with this lovely lady through her blog; her journey has really opened my eyes to certain issues.

    Have a great weekend.