Tuesday 16 October 2012

Now, I have a Question + Versatile Award!

My people,

How una dey?

I want to say a very big thank you to sweet Relentless, and sweet Ay for awarding me with the versatile blogger award! chei! blog awards fill my heart with so much joy cos' it shows how much you are appreciated. I take a bow and say thanks, I will work on it soon even though I did a post on that here sometime ago.

Now, I've got a question but before that, I will love for you all to check this site out 360degreeslove its an amazing site and purely on relationships, you will be glad you did.

Ok... So lots of believers "claim" they don't and won't listen to secular music because it is worldly and pollutes their souls. They say the artists are sold out to the devil. But they watch movies written, produced, directed and acted by self confessed gays and satanists, illuminatists, buddhists, freemasons, etc; and they declare those guys are their heroes and mentors.

Is this ignorance, a lack of understanding, hypocrisy or falsehood?

Ignorance - because in all the wisdom we bask in, we still follow blindly and mindlessly; 
Lack of understanding - because in the midst of all the information released to us both from the scripture and the pulpit, we still lack a grasp of the implications of the actions we take and the things we indulge in; 
Hypocrisy - because even though our hearts tell us the truth, we choose the broad path, filling our hearts with justifications that describe our foolishness... A fool says in his heart, that there is no God; 
Falsehood - because we live so much in the path of the lies we tell ourselves that we suddenly accept them to be the true state of things, and ultimately using it as basis for propounding theories of hell and branding them as suitable for the Lord's House.

We won't listen to Beyonce, the Ojays and Montell Jordan, but we'll watch "fighting temptation"; we condemn DMX, but love "Quater Past dead", and "Romeo Must die"; we call Jimmy Cliff a weed smoking rasta who cannot positively influence young people, yet we watch "marked for death"; we call Ice Cube a gangster who should not be walking the streets a free man, but we have watched "xXx: State of the Union" over and over again.

I ask again, Is this ignorance, a lack of understanding, hypocrisy or falsehood? What are we not getting right?

Peace... I'm out!


  1. I personally listen to any range of music as long as its not vulgar, and its lyrics don't rub me the wrong way...Gosh, I LOVE music so if its got the right melody and I can listen without cringing, I enjoy my music.

    You know, I never saw it in this light o, like, really you made a valid point here.

  2. If i listen to it once and i like it, i listen to it as long as it works for me. End of.

  3. I think it's not about the artist but more of content. If the lyrics tell a story, pass across a message, uplifts the soul then I don't think it's wrong. However, what is most important is that we should be mindful of what we watch and hear, most times it forms the foundation of our belief.

  4. You're welcome..:)
    For me, I listen to any kind of music as long it does not contain utterly repulsive content and inspires me. I don't think all 'secular' songs are bad. Everyone to their own and you've raised a good point... I don't know what to call it anyways..

  5. I think people are multifaceted. Even armed robbers are good to their children/nieces/nephews. Likewise even rappers singing 'ho', kill em' can act in movies which have a good message.
    For me its about condemning the act not the person.

    1. I agree totally with you. condemn the act, not the person

  6. Now, this a QUESTION i love so much!
    let me take my apoti and siddon to read the answers.....oh by the way my answer is all 3.

    Anything that sounds good to my ears and pleasant to my eyes, i listen, watch and read. It does not STOP me from believing in GOD nor worshiping HIM. HE knows our thoughts and motives and can never be mocked or deceived.

    It is when people allow whatever they read, watch or listen to influence them, THEN, there is and will be a problem!

    1. lool... Aunty IB oo.. apoti and siddon.. only u sha.....loves ur character mhen. xxxxx

  7. Preach it sister! Actually,it's a combination of ignorance,hypocrisy and falsehood.Some people just don't know how to stand on the own when it comes to ideas.

  8. Never thought of it this way o, but I think it is ignorance. Thanks for this post.

  9. i feel you girlfriend. most of these things affect us unconsciously or would i rather say subconsciously and it happens little by little so one has to be careful what you feed into your system whatever it may be

  10. Hi Priscy,
    I love lots of secular music, various types, and I love listening to street musicians and singers too. A lot of secular songs have lovely words to them too.

  11. very valid points you have raised.... very.... I think its a combination of all..

    before I forget lol, thank u for the sweet messages and prayers left on my blog. I pray God will continue to enrich you with love, divine wisdom and understanding..xxxx

  12. i think its a combo of all. Besides, as long as we have an interest in anything, then such an action is justified. That's the average mindset dear.