Tuesday 3 May 2011

Just A Usual Post

No, its not what you are thinking, lol just kidding
Hi everyone, the holidays are over and we are back to the office! well you know how it is when examination is approaching right! so a couple of friends and I went over to Institute of Professional Studies to study but the place was choked because of the weekend school.

Priscy very busy with her pen and notwe book
Not knowing where to go, we decided to go eat some fufu first, yeah! we needed the energy in order to study. so we went to a place called Bush canteen inside East Legon and I must say I enjoyed my self their food was nice I guess you guys have to try the place out sometime, they never pay me for commercials ooo! lol well...! I guess am just being nice.

Now, back to what i was saying, after eating we were able to find a quite lecture hall at Trinity Theological College  to study and we had a some fruitful group discussions. check out some of the pictures we took, hope you like them.

kwame giving us some lecture
myself trying to write what kwame was saying lol


  1. Well done,i guess there's no need asking why i wasn't invited not for the food but for the group discussions. The reason is obvious, right.Anyways, am happy you all had a fruitful day.

  2. awww, my dear don't go like that, its not what you are thinking.. sorry we didn't inform you. we are forgiven!yes? thank you lol

  3. Dont worry your head over this o.k, I wouldn't have fitted in anyway.