Monday 11 November 2013

Guest Post!

It's a beautiful day and I believe it's going to be more awesome by the end of the week. I trust we are all doing great by the plenty mercies of God, without which we are nothing, we know nothing and nothing knows us. 

I got the mail below from a reader in the United States who wants to help readers resident there on how to save cost related to phone bills, etc. I trust the information will be useful to some of us. Enjoy...

"I rely on my smartphone for a lot of things. It serves as my organizer, my calling, emailing and texting device, I take excellent photos with it, listen to music, play games, and even update my blog with it. Needless to say, it's one purchase I don't skimp on. I have had a couple of upgrades since the smartphone craze took off. I'd like to say that I choose my phone wisely, but the truth is, I don't. 

I usually base my decision on what's popular and what's hot. And I'm sure like me, a lot of people just about pick the newest phone in the market without even considering the cost. Smartphones can be expensive. Remember, you're not only paying for the device, but the service that goes with it as well. With the state of the economy today, it's important we pay close attention to our cell phone cost. Here are tips on how to save money and cut down our cell phone bill -

Tailor your plan to your specific needs. Choose unlimited text plan if you text a lot. Opt for a plan that will let you roll over unused time from a previous month to the next. Get local-only plan if you only make local calls.

Track your talk time. Make free calls via Viber or Skype when you can. Save your minutes, make local calls from your home phone so you don't go over.
411 (information) calls, horoscope texts, toll-free calls, ringtone downloads, and other extra services may seem like nothing but will sure inflate your bill when added together. Use your landline for 1-800 calls and Google the rest from your home/office internet.

Use free wi-fi whenever you can. Use your mobile data connection only when you need it.

Take advantage of the family, group, company, seniors, students discounts.

Bundle your services - phone, cable and internet, into one provider. You may get additional discounts this way.

Lastly, save more and pay as you go with a prepaid plan. What seemed like a cheap deal may not be so over the course of a 2-year contract.

Whatever your preference is, stop by and compare plans at ( Get free information and find the plan that best fits your needs and budget".

in other news! 16th of November is my graduation!!! oohhh I am excited! God is really good! Trust me...

Best wishes! 

Peace... I'm out!



  1. I'm saving the date ASAP. 16th November we shall dance with u and eat chicken. lol.
    congrats girl

  2. Congratulations on your graduation....rice and soup very plenty abi nau...

  3. Plenty congratulations, P. Many more glorious feathers to your cap iJN.

  4. Congratulations Priscy. You are on the threshold of a new level. Well done.

  5. I'd go for skype for calls.
    Congratulations on your Graduation, that would be a great Saturday.
    Jdy last posted...Why Dating Is Ultimately Better In Your 30s

  6. Congrats Priscy!

  7. Nice information,sure going to be helpful for alot of people.Congrats again,on your graduation.

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