Friday 1 November 2013

Please Keep Her Happy!

Hello wonderful people!!!

Happy new month to y'all. I pray this month, will be better, bigger and more dream fulfilling to all of us, than the previous one. I also pray we will all see the end of this year in good health, plenty of God's favor and abundant grace IJN, Amen! 

I got the piece below on FB about a dad's speech on his daughters wedding, I found it worth sharing... So amazingly cool, I enjoyed it and I hope you do too. Here we go:

"I thought I would start my speech by addressing you as the “new” family of my daughter. But I think it would be inappropriate because now that she is married, you are “the family” for her. Believe me; I don’t have a problem with that. I, in fact, want my daughter to have “you” as her priority now. It's time for us to take a backseat in her life. We would happily accept it but would surely request one thing - please keep her happy.

I am more than sure that you will keep her very happy. She will perhaps be happier than what she used to be here. But like all fathers, I'm obsessed over my daughter’s happiness which is making me say this over and over again - Please keep her happy.

She never was and will never be a burden for me. She is in fact the reason why I breathe and smile. I am getting her married because this is what the law of nature demands. I am helpless in the face of our culture and therefore sending her to your home. She was the happiness of my home and will now light up your home. I am giving my world to you. Please make sure it remains beautiful. I am giving away my princess to you. Please make sure she stays as a queen. I have raised her with my sweat and blood and now she is wonderfully perfect. For all the care, love, beauty and warmth my daughter will bring into your lives, I just want her happiness in return - Please keep her happy.

If at times you think that my daughter has said or done something wrong, feel free to scold her. But handle her with love. She is very fragile. If at times she feels low, be with her. She just needs a little bit of your attention. If at times she feels sick, show her some care. It’s the medicine that works best for her. If at times she fails to fulfill a responsibility,feel free to chastise her. But empathize with her. She is still learning. Do understand her—please keep her happy.

I don’t mind if I don’t get to see her for months. I don’t mind if I am not able to talk to her on a daily basis. I would be more than happy if she doesn’t remember me much. But, my only motive in life has been my daughter’s happiness which is now in your hands. I beg you, please keep her happy.

Dear son-in-law, these words may not mean much to you now but if you are lucky enough to father a daughter someday, you will appreciate them better when you will find every beat of your heart shouting – Please keep her happy!"

This for me bears the secrets to keeping a woman happy. And any man or family, who hears this plea from another man, and goes ahead to make the woman unhappy, hmm... God no go let me talk wetin dey my mind now.

Peace... I'm out!


  1. Aww! That all men will learn to treasure their wives, daughters, sisters and mothers.
    I wish all women too will realize that their men are also humans.

  2. Awww.. I want to frame this speech! I believe having such a strong father makes some men sit up and be sharp in the way they treat the daughters - because you know that this girl is another man's treasure (one who will be willing to take a gun to your head if you misbehave haha)
    Happy new month dear! May God bless you richly xx

  3. I want to print this speech out and send to all the men I know, so teary eyed reading it
    Happy New Month, wishing you all the blessings therein

  4. I am sending this speech to all newly we'd and about to wed I know of......and I am proud to be a daddy's girl.....fathers rock

  5. Awwww, i would completely fall to pieces if my dad said this at my wedding lol.

  6. This is so beautiful, the bond between a father and daughter is so strong.

  7. So beautiful and well scripted, could imagine the daughter's joy and pride hearing such wonderful adulation from the father. Wish every man out there would read this and heed the words.

    Belated wishes for a very wonderful month, P.

  8. Sweet. Hope she keeps him happy too.
    Last day of the month. Hope your November was great Priscy.

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