Tuesday 25 October 2011

Saying The Final Goodbye Is a Tough Thing To Do...

Dear Blogville...

A friend told me something yesterday and since then, anytime I think about it, I get misty eyed. He lost his Mum... Just one look at him and you will see a devastated, shattered, lost and an "all alone" person (same way I felt when I lost my Mum some years ago).

Here is a guy who has sacrificed so much in order to save his mother's life (used his school fees to pay for her medical bills; borrowed money from friends and his work place in order to pay medical bills; had to break up with his girlfriend who was constantly complaining he didn't have enough time for her just so he could be there for his mum; had to forgo lectures most times in order to be there for her... I could go on and on and on.

But one thing I do know out of my own experience, is that when everything seems blur and lost, when your soul is so afraid and you think all is lost, that is when you have lean on God totally and completely and He will come in and help you find your way. He has done it for me and I know He will do it for my friend and every other person out there that needs to crutch on a life wire.
Here is wishing him all the strength he needs at this present time of his life. 

Peace... I'm out.


  1. Oh what a sad story, it is only God who can restore all he lost. God is his sufficiency he should rely on him.

    I will comment till u get fed-up and ask me not to......enjoy ur day.

  2. @Docia lol you think I will get fed up? thanks for the encouraging words and yes! i believe God is his sufficiency, enjoy your day too.

  3. All i can say is 'it is well'. I know, 1st hand, how it feels like having to lose one's mum. It is VERY DIFFICULT but somehow God gives the strenght. it is well

  4. The best days are ahead of Him. God will give him al the strength and grace he needs.

  5. @Buzzer, "All i can say is 'it is well". thanks for the encouraging words, God bless you.

    @Nightingale "The best days are ahead of Him" thanks a lot, God bless you.