Saturday 22 October 2011

Dedicated to You! With The Sweetest Thoughts Ever...

Good People of Blogville!
The weekend is finally here. Yeaaahh!!!! I am so excited right now. Well... This is because I can get to relax a bit. Working and attending school at the same time no be easy job o!!!. Like my Nigerian friends would say "No be beans!!!"
I want to use this opportunity to say a very big thank you to naijabankgirl relentlessbuilder and http://lucianochinwe, for giving me the versatile blogger award again. I am humbled. 
To all my followers, this is for you; and to my visitors, I appreciate every time you stop by to read the thoughts that proceed out of my limited wisdom. I am always very eager to bring something interesting here because I know you are reading and  loving them, not forgetting all the really encouraging comments you leave on your way out of my blog. I am truly very grateful. (To my special friend....,you know yourself, I appreciate you so much and thank God everyday I have you as my friend) 
In other matters, I heard this joke yesterday and decided to share it here for your weekend relaxation. Hope it puts smiles on your faces even as you enjoy the weekend.  
A Ghanian  lady got married to a Chinese guy. She got pregnant after a few months and gave birth to a son... It so happened that after sometime (less than 5 months)... the baby Died.  
On the day of the baby's funeral, the aunty of the lady crying uncontrollable kept saying, I knew it! I knew It!! The curious relatives then asked her what it was that she knew. In response to their query, she said... I knew it!!! I knew that "CHINA PRODUCTS" do not last! lol. It's just a joke o!!! Please if you must site this joke, tell them it is a joke o! i still would like to travel to China one of these days. lol
Wish you all the very best of the weekend and the best of wishes too. Cheers everyone.
Peace... I'm out


  1. na wa o!!! No dey yab my chinese people o, make dem no chase us comot from their land..Weekend for me is almost over..:(

  2. Hahaha.. that's funny:)
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend:)

  3. I am sooooo stealing your made-in-china joke to tell my friends. Too funny

  4. @HoneyDame. lol, hope you had a good weekend!.

    @Nightingale. yeah I had a good one, trust you had the same, too

    @Think-About-It. go ahead dear, no problem and thanks for following.

  5. Funny joke. I'll be telling it to my friends soon.
    Btw, nice blog...following

    Mine'z at