Thursday 27 October 2011

These Floods Again?!!!

Hello everyone...

Today, I write with a heavy heart. Almost the whole of Accra (the capital of Ghana) is flooded and it is terribly sad.

A lot of people have been rendered homeless, parents are screaming and searching for their lost kids. Read a friends update on FB today and he said the president should call for a state of emergency. Do you agree? Even if he does, will (calling a state of emergency) solve the problem knowing the rains will not stop falling? I think we need a very pro-active government structure all over Africa. A structure that does not have to wait for people to die before decisive actions are taken to deal the menace of floods in our cities. We have ministries and government organisations which are supposed to take care of issues like this. Can we not plan ahead of the next rainy season in order to make sure that the events of this year do not re-occur?

A number of people have been reported dead including this sweet friend of mine on FB...


These are a few pictures I got. Please see and estimate for yourself the amount of damage and loss this flood left behind. Thank you for reading.

NB:- I should have done this post yesterday but my internet was messing up. Thanks to HoneyDame who dropped a mail to check up on me. I'm soo grateful girl... God bless you!

Peace... I'm out.


  1. OMG. So sorry about your friend and I never knew Ghana had this kinda issue too. And hope u doing well and the flood didn't affect ur side? Stay safe Priscy.

  2. sad. may her soul rest in peace.
    the flood looks serious. please stay safe

  3. wow this is sad.may her soul rest in peace.since you blogged we know you are safe.thank God for that.

  4. Wow! it was this intense?!!! MY GAWD! May the lord grant the souls of the departed repose. This is just tragic!

  5. may her soul rest in peace. This is just so terrible

  6. I cant believe such a beautiful person died like that
    So, so sad
    I hope you are okay
    My prayers are with you and your family

  7. RIP....I didnt realize how significant the impact family mainly live in Tema, so i guess they didnt see the full effects of it....but take heart

  8. oh my God, i did not realise things were that bad, i heard its been raining,cos i have family in Accra o, its so sad that your friend died, its horrible really, my prayers are with you and yours is well.

  9. So sad. so sorry about your friend. Glad you are okay. some parts of Lagos Nigeria get like this during the rainy season, and yeah, no one ever feels the need to do anything about it until it kills people. smh

  10. This is a sad sad post.Sorry about your friend!

  11. Wow she's so pretty
    Sorry to hear about your loss.

  12. I didn´t know the danger the Ghanaians in Acrra were in.That´s terrible, I´m so sorry .
    May our Lord uses his mercy on you.