Thursday 21 March 2013

What Is Your Name?

Greetings everyone!

How is everyone doing?! I trust we all are very fine by the special grace of God. I know I have some award questions to answer... Don't worry... will get to it soonest.

I know, I know... Priscy always skips questions, right?... But this time around, am so going to answer. Trust me. Thanks to you all who deemed me deserving enough for a nomination. I appreciate!

I was going through my church notes the other day, and I came across this message about how important names are, and how people will respond to you the way you see and carry yourself.

What is your name? which name, title or designation do you respond to? Jabez prayed and asked God to deliver him from experiences that the circumstances of his birth (which brought about the name his mother called him) and God did, by turning around his circumstances from sorrowful to beautiful. The tag you accept is the label you wear. People may call you, weak, poor, foolish, helpless, Mr/Miss nobody, thick head... but what do you call yourself

Why won't you begin to replace some names you've been tagged? Instead of weak, say you are STRONG 'cause the bible says "let the weak say I am strong" (Joel 3:10). By His strips we are healed (Isaiah 53:5-6). Instead of ‘poor’, say you’re RICH 'cause "Though He was rich, for our sakes He became poor, that through Him and by His poverty, we might be rich" (2Cor 8:9) Instead of ‘foolish’, declare that you’re WISE, because you fear God (Prov 9:10). 

The way you make your bed is the way you lie on it. So please, refuse man’s tag and accept God’s label. Recognise who you are, and whose you are. I have made up my mind, that it is what God has said about me, and what He has purchased for me through Christ, that will count in and over my life, not what people say to me and about me.

In Christ Jesus, we are BLESSED and not cursed, REDEEMED and not condemned, ACCEPTED and not rejected, CELEBRATED and not tolerated and above all, we are LOVED by the Master of the universe! 

Now tell me... WHAT’S YOUR NAME?

Peace...I'm out


  1. Very short but sweet post! Reinforce your beliefs and you start to act accordingly. As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is (Proverbs 23 :7)

  2. All my names are beautiful *preens*


  3. The book of proverb says, a good name is better than riches.

    Our anscestors knew the importance of a name, hence, they were careful IN picking out one, esp to explain the situation surrounding the birth of the child in a positive manner,....Jabez mother did likewise but in a 'negative' way, glad Jabez prayed it away.

    My 2 given names by my parents means: I won't fall from people's mouth, because whatever belongs to me shall never pass me by!

    GOD named me 'HIGHLY FAVOURED' :D

  4. This post is right on point. I love my names too :)

  5. Names are prophecies speaks into our life.

  6. beautiful post!!!
    yes o, you are what you bear and what God has spoken into you life or called you to be.

  7. On point.I've always known that names are very important.What you're called by has a way of affecting your life.Nice post.

  8. I've missed it here. God has redeemed us all with His love and we can't be held down by human tags. This is very apt for easter and the gift of Christ.

    Thanks for sharing and have a blessed Easter weekend

  9. Thank you very much for this post.

    A name has a lot of effects in our life.

    There was this guy that the parents named him Emu meaning "BACKWARD". This name has been working against his life. He was in the university and at the verge of graduation they couldn't find his result.

    This boy has to start all over again from level 100.

    So Parents PLEASE, let us try and be very careful in choosing name for our children.

    May God help us as we do so.