Thursday 22 September 2011

And the winner is...............

I would have done this post since but for the terrible headache I had,(very unbearable) but thank God for His mercies, am alive, kicking and back in the office.

A very good friend of mine was camped for two weeks alongside nine other beautiful ladies all in the name of a beauty pageant (Miss Tourism 2011). This past Saturday the 17 of September was the grand finale and guess what people... my friend won the pageant!!! I am so happy for her.
The queen and the first and second runners up
Let me give you a little insight about the pageant. Miss Tourism is about Eco Tourism in Ghana, so the winner, is supposed to be an ambassador of the country (in a manner of speaking) by doing all her best within the confines of her powers to sell the country's Tourist sites to the rest of the world. So I guess my friend will be traveling a lot.
The queen and her "Manager" Lol

I was there to give her all the support she needed and took some photos. Check them out. Maybe I would have also stood for some of this contexts if I were not so plump. lol. Tell me I was looking good too Oo! It's not only the contestants that deserve the credits. lol

My self,
Me and the second winner
Golda, the first runner up.
Hope the pictures were nice, and mine? What do you think? Cheers everyone.

Peace... I'm out


  1. Congrats on behalf of your friend. So, I have connections to the new Miss Tourism, through you. lol

  2. congrats to your friend. you look fine.

  3. Great pics! Congrats to you all.

  4. @ilola, yes oo! thanks a lot. As for the connection, dont you worry, we can start by you paying a visit to Ghana one of these days and we take it from there okay!

  5. @Luciano and Myne Whitman thank you very much.

  6. Nice pixs... congrats to your frnd and u *hugs*

  7. thank you Toinlicious. cheers dearie

  8. i am so loving ur gown! and before u start being envious of the gown(lol) the wearer looks fabulous too

  9. Congratulations to your friend. You looked fab too.

  10. @Amaka, thank you dahling I appreciate. thank you my dear.