Tuesday 1 November 2011

Aftermath Of The Rains ...The Travails It Left Behind.

hello people,

I am back again with full force. Even though the floods left us feeling sad and devastated, I know that it is well with us and all the people who were affected either directly or indirectly by this unfortunate incident are doing just fine. Like the great poet J.P Clarke said, one way or another "we are all casualties". We all need to heal, and we all will.

The aftermath of the floods is TERRIBLE. I got to know how bad it was on Sunday when I went to church and saw the way a lot of people were left with virtually nothing because the floods took everything (clothing, household items etc) away, leaving them with nothing.

A story that an old friend of mine in whose compound I used to park my car told me got me crying right in front of him. He said he was fast asleep when all of a sudden, he realized that his bed was turning around. Feeling dizzy, he got up to check what the problem was only to know his room was full of water all the way up to his shoulder level. Poor old man... He was shivering while he was telling me all these, and I couldn't help but shed a tear for him. I am glad he is alive at least because even though a lot of people lost their lives, he is okay.   

In other matters, I am pleased to announce to blogville that I have been able to unravel the anonymous blogger HoneyDame and have come to understand why she was able to break her room mates bed after all with her bakassi!!!lol. For those of you who are finding it difficult to figure out what this is all about, see the story, BOTTOM POWER and everything will become clearer...lol
Mehn.... The babe get enough behind o!!! She is one absolutely amazing African beauty! Even though she warned me that she was going to send me to Afghanistan on exile if I dare disclose her identity, I just can't help but still bring it here for you all to see. watch the picture after the break.

***Clearing my throat***  Eeeerrrrmmm, I know most of you want to see her shaa! But no be for my blog you go see her o! I beg.lol. I no wan go exile for Afghanistan! No be from my mouth una go hear say fowl get feather!!! Wondering why am speaking pidgin? Well na HoneyDame dey teach me small small, so I beg make una help me thank her jare! Cheers y'all.

Peace... I'm out


  1. eysh, poor guy (the flood victim) I feel so sad when things like this happen to people.
    As per Honeydame, priscy, i wouldnt mind to see what that witty, intelligent china-for-now lady looks like. Tell me nooooowwww, i promise i wouldnt tell anyone *pleading eyes*. lol

  2. I was so looking forward to seeing the famous bakassi, lol...

    Your new pidgin is not bad either. :)

  3. That flood was just a terrible event in all. Like I said before, I used to think Africa was invincible and was an exception to such natural disasters but these past few months have made me realize better. May the good Lord protect us.

    LMAO Priscy!!! You are getting very close to the ship that will take you to Afghanistan o!!! Very Very Very close...lmao. May God forgive you! So now that I am no longer a virgin, what next?! smh

  4. @Buzzer! you may never know who is next in line oo!!lol

    @Myne Whitman, I know... hmmm, na Afghanistan i dey fear to go so oo!lol

    @HoneyDame, expect more surprises coming up. LWKMD

  5. Even though I live close to a drain, not a drop got into my room. Accra's problem with flood is poor drainage system. I guess government won't wait for another crisis b4 doing something.

  6. Flood scares me now o. After i lost a frnd and his kids. I'm happy for your friend. @ least he's alive to tell the story.

    As for Honey's bakassi, c d speed i take open the link! choi! Pricsy ko da o(not fair). Oya pls now, just unravel the mystery for us na

    @Honeydame, u know we've been on dis marra of sharing ur, erm, somthing. Jus help a sister out na, a few tips pere

  7. @Docia, thank God for your life oo!. i hope something is done fast about soonest.

    @Toinlicious, eyah.. read about your friend in one of your posts, that was really sad eeh. Anyway dont you worry ok, will soon unravel the mystery for una. lol

  8. A house i had planned in June of renting for my family got seriously flooded. I still don't know why i changed my mind to get a different place. Thank God for the direction.

  9. Thank God the elderly man wasn't swept away by the flood.. I wass also eager to see HoneyDame. Not fair jorr. lol

  10. @Kobena Wiredu, thank God for the direction to change your mind.

    @Che, eyaah forgive moi ok, will do something about the pix. lol

  11. Priscy, se you see the kasala wey you burst for here? Na leg you go take waka go Afghanistan at this rate

    @Toinlicious, Lily Johnson talk say squat dey work, so even me wan verify how true that one dey.
    Che, even you?! U sef go waka follow Priscy go Afghanistan.
    Dont mind Priscy jare, the ole bakassi thing is overrrated!